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Drastic leaf loss

Question from Mrs Carolyn French

I live in western France and bought Acacia Dealbata Gaulois from a local retailer ( not a grower, I think, more like "Wyevale" in UK ) just after Christmas, looking forward to the colour and the scent of the flowers. It's in a large, unheated enclosed verandah, with plenty of natural light, (large "French" windows along one "wall") where it should be fine, away from any frost or strong winds. So far it hasn't had to put up with much sunlight or heat this winter !!! Don't know its age - 10cms is trunk circumference where it appears above the soil and the current height at tallest shoots is 90 cms. It's been well-shaped, I feel, and has plenty of buds. Pot size is maximum 24 cms at top and the same in height. BUT in the last couple of weeks it has started and continued to shed its leaves profusely and I don't know why. They aren't really yellowed. I use rainwater for it and have watered most days because it seemed very dry when we brought it home from the garden centre. No water comes out at the bottom of the pot and it's only now that the soil at the top of the pot feels anyhow moist to the touch. Advice please, as the leaf loss is looking as though it will be desperate? Has it been left in too small a pot, perhaps to bring flower buds on, and should we re-pot it asap? Could it be a watering fault ? To reassure you about my flower care, I do have azalea, cyclamen and cymbidium all flowering well at the moment in the same room. But I don't think I'm doing very well with a "mimosa" that should be fairly tolerant. We have no intention of putting it in our small garden as there's no suitable spot. I've noticed today a slight sticky secretion where the tiny leaves join their "twig" (sorry ! I don't know the techinical terms for this ) and have no idea if this is usual with acacia or not. Thank you VERY much for reading this far and for any advice that you may be able to give me. I don't want to lose the plant !

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  • Posted: Mon. 17th February 2014 15:18
  • Last reply: Wed. 12th March 2014 17:12

Mimosa care

Question from Hilary Ryding

My Mimosa is shedding last year's foliage and browning however this year's appears to be perfectly fine. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? It has up until a few days ago been outside,in a partial shade/sheltered position, having just brought it into the conservatory for winter. I am partially sighted and this is the first Mimosa I have had so am a little concerned. Also do you have any tips for pruning this plant or should it not be done? Would appreciate any help please

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  • Posted: Tue. 2nd October 2012 08:26
  • Last reply: Fri. 5th October 2012 12:20

seems to be going brown

Comment from annie ataya

why is this tree going brown, it used to be green grey but i moved it and lately it seems to be shedding

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st March 2012 21:27
  • Last reply: Tue. 6th March 2012 19:19

Which is the lesser of two evils for my acacia?

Question from Hayley

I can either have sheltered and shady or sunny and exposed? To note: in the sheltered/shade place, when it's taller, it would grow out of the shade and into the sun.

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  • Posted: Sun. 14th August 2011 17:44
  • Last reply: Thu. 18th August 2011 18:48