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November Sales!!

Comment from Harry Hitchcock

It's coming to the end of the month but we've still got a few plants left in the sale!!

We're offering 25% OFF our-

Juglans Regia/Nigra (Common/Black Walnuts)

Aesculus Carnea Briottii (Red Horse Chestnut)

Fraxinus Angustifolia 'Raywood' (Claret Ash)

Carpinus Betulus Cylinder (Hornbeam Cylinder)

And 20% OFF our-

Ligustrum Lucidum Excelsa Superbum (Varigated Privet)

Call us on 01376 340 469 or via email sales@kingco.co.uk for more information

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  • Posted: Sat. 26th November 2011 11:43

Hibiscus syriacus pupurea variegatus

Question from Jennifer Metcalf

I have 3 different hibiscus plants 2 of which have flowered perfectly but the one listed above, although covered with buds, they have not opened. Would anyone know why please?

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  • Posted: Sat. 15th October 2011 16:20
  • Last reply: Wed. 19th October 2011 08:45

Angelica gigas overwintering

Comment from pauline

does anyone have pointers to share
this is my first yr and the plant is now fading due to winter
seeds for propagation are dried or green
will it reseeding itself??
so many questions, a spectacular plant!

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  • Posted: Sat. 8th October 2011 21:50
  • Last reply: Sat. 8th October 2011 21:51

Passiflora incarnata (Maypops) & Passiflora racemosa (Red passion flower)

Question from nothingfail

Who sells Passiflora incarnata (Maypops) & Passiflora racemosa (Red passion flower) and what is their winter hardiness (the minimal winter temperature they can stand), and their drought tolerance?

Your help is highly appreciated!

Be happy!

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  • Posted: Wed. 28th September 2011 10:34

Blackcurrant blight

Question from Sue Hillman

The leaves of my blackcurrant plants are spotted brown. I found advice on the web for a treatment called Benlate - no longer in production. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get rid of this problem.

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  • Posted: Fri. 23rd September 2011 09:40

Free orange tree

Comment from Nicola

Get a free orange tree from Spalding Plants & Bulbs!

Enter the Voucher code 'JA' at checkout to get a Free Orange Tree (click here) with every order.
Expiry Date: 30/11/2011

If you use this special offer please come back and give us feedback! Do you like getting offers here? Was the service of this retailer a good experience? Cheers Nicola

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  • Posted: Tue. 30th August 2011 13:57
  • Last reply: Thu. 15th September 2011 15:11