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Japanese Sago Palm

Question from patricia coggins

We purchased our sago plam in about October last year and wintered it in our unheated greenhouse, being careful not to overwater it. Before moving it back to the garden we noticed that some of the fronds were more brown than green. Does anybody know if this plant is dying or if we can rescue it in any way? Thank you.

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  • Posted: Sun. 17th June 2012 17:21
  • Last reply: Sun. 17th June 2012 20:23

New fronds on Sago Palm

Question from Andy Fraser

One of my Sago Palms developed it's new fronds later than usual last year & have not fully opened yet.It has been stuck in limbo for the last 2 months so to speak.A couple of the frond tips turned brown as well & dropped off.Will i just let nature take it's course.Both of my palm's are overwintering in a unheated conservatory.

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  • Posted: Sun. 22nd January 2012 14:14
  • Last reply: Mon. 23rd January 2012 09:09