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My Cherry treee is a very odd shape...I think I have messed up my pruning..:(

Comment from Susi B

I planted a Stella Cherry tree last year. It was supposed to be miniature root stock but it grew really tall so I cut it back quite hard in the spring and now is looks weird. It has a set of branches at approx 1.5m from the ground and then a few feet of bare trunk and then another set of branches higher up. I am tempted to chop off the whole of the top of the tree above the first set of branches but thought I would ask for guidance first, Can any one help? :)
Thank you

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  • Posted: Sun. 28th July 2013 16:37

green slime!

Question from Daz

What is the odd dark green slime that grows on the bark? Since it turned up a few years ago the fruit withers before it ripens. I wanna kill it, any ideas? (the tree is about 15 yrs and used to produce amazing tasty cherries)

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  • Posted: Tue. 16th April 2013 20:58