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Question from Mary Hassall

I have four v.green plants. Two in shade (I bought them to cover weeds IN shade and grow into each other). The other two in sun (where I know they shouldn't grow ). Both have grown equally as badly. They have been there three years and are still only 8" across at best. Why? They are under a v.firtile/tall holly. The others near it. Nearby plants do well except Roses. The soil is well draining alkaline.

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  • Posted: Mon. 8th October 2012 09:59
  • Last reply: Wed. 10th October 2012 16:30

southern comfort

Tip from linda williams

this is the second season for the heucheera and the second spot,both have been in sun to partial shade,the leaves are there but the anthers have not appeared i would like too keep it.can i dig it up now and put it in a nursry bed .if it had any desease's like vine wevil what will i have to look out for.i have found a web site called garden pilot which is american and the imformation suggets that the heat and humidy of the south helps it to grow,

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  • Posted: Wed. 5th September 2012 16:52
  • Last reply: Wed. 5th September 2012 17:01