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New to gardening- Yellowing leaves on Lavatera

Question from Marion Young

I have 2 lavatera which are 2 years old, and 3 bought this early summer. The new ones have grown very well, except this week some of the leaves have turned yellow, and are dropping off. The foliage on the older ones dont look as healthy, and some of the leaves are also turning yellow. I thought lavateras retained their foliage, but maybe this is just a natural consequence of approaching Autumn. Any advice please?

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  • Posted: Sat. 15th September 2007 08:35
  • Last reply: Thu. 20th September 2007 07:41

rhodadendron leaf problem...

Comment from natasha

I have planted a small Rhodie in my garden and over last few months have noticed quite a lot of small brown spots appearing. I have watched on the new growth and these seem to have it too. Also the plant next to it (green with fluffy stalky flowers - no idea what it is) also has the same leaf spot problem. WHAT DO I DO NOW??? Can either be saved? Would prefer to keep the rhodie if I have to lose the other (which is in worse state!). Help

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  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 12:26
  • Last reply: Tue. 18th September 2007 12:25

Help needed - Losing shrubs

Question from Lesley Wyrill

I have a number of problems with shrubs at the moment.
I have a mock orange which is around 15 years old and is usually stunning in the late spring early summer full of scented flower, but this year it was 80% deadwood. I pruned some of this back, but being aware that it flowers the following year on new growth, waited to see what it would do over the summer - but now it looks worse! Any new growth that appeared has now died back as well. Last summer it was around 12 feet high and 5ft wide but it now consists of a few dry sticks. Will it recover ? what can I do ?

This shrub is around 30 years old and is very large. I prune it regularly so it creates a canopy and shade for other plants and it regularly produces new growth from the base of the plant, but in a very short space of time this this new growth is affected also.For some time now it is being eaten by something and now virtually every leaf has brown specs and holes. I once noticed a number of small brown insects on some leaves so I sprayed the area with a crawling insect repellent but the damage has escalated since then. I am worried I will lose this plant completely. Can you help me ?

I have numerous pot grown hydrangeas which are usually full of flower, but this summer I did not get one flower on any of them and growth is very spindly. Are they worth pruning and hoping for better results next year, or should I throw them away and start again.

I know there are some fantastic gardeners amongst you so hope one of you can offer some advice to this very 'green' ie. 'novice' gardiner.

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  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 10:02
  • Last reply: Wed. 12th September 2007 21:45

Propagation from cuttings

Question from Marion Young

Being new to propagation, I have recently bought a little mini greenhouse, and my problem is, when my little cuttings have rooted, when should I move them out of there after I have potted them. Should they be put into shade in a sheltered spot, or should some of the more tender ones, like osteospermum be kept in the greenhouse over winter. Thanks for any advice.

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  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 08:13
  • Last reply: Wed. 12th September 2007 12:52