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which rose type?

Question from Alison Draper

I would like to grow a rose plant(s) along the length of a dry stone wall c. 9 metres long to give a hedge effect. The wall stands about half a metre high and is west facing/sunny with a bigger drop on the other side of the wall. I would like the plant to stand above it and drop over it in a loose informal manner but there's not much width available for a large bush. What sort of rose should I look for shrub,climber etc ? I've never grown a rose before and the different types are bewildering!

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 12:05
  • Last reply: Thu. 17th June 2010 14:40

Which small hedge would you choose for this space

Question from Mrs Holst


Just returned from Wyevale who suggested 4 options for a hedge- Choisya White Dazzler, Hebe Sapphire, Escallonia Red, and Viburnum davidii.

Choisya and Hebe appeal the most. Our small front yard gets sun from 1pm. Which out of Choisya White Dazzler and Hebe Sapphire would you choose and why?

Images of small front yard attached to give you an idea of the space (or lack of).

Thanks for your help.

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  • Posted: Fri. 28th May 2010 12:23
  • Last reply: Fri. 28th May 2010 16:01

Starting garden from scratch

Question from Kathydoll


We've a new border running alongside fencing with neighbours on the back and side fences.

Could anyone recommend plants (ideally evergreen) which will form some light screening without growing too deep i.e. taking up too much of the border. The garden gets reasonably sunshine throughout the day, and the soil is loamy/claylike.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Posted: Mon. 27th July 2009 21:03
  • Last reply: Mon. 3rd August 2009 22:23

Poisonous plants?

Question from Lesley Deakin


Can anyone please tell me if Lilac bushes are poisonous to dogs?

I am desparate to screen off the bottom of my garden due to kids climbing the fence and peering in at me!

I bought a Wisteria, planted it, then discovered it was poisonous and promptly removed it :(

I need a shrub or small tree, something that will grow about H 3m, W 2m that won't kill my beloved pugs :D

Any help is much appreciated, thank you.


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  • Posted: Tue. 30th June 2009 10:43
  • Last reply: Fri. 3rd July 2009 07:57

Why are the leaves on my ceanothus dark brown?

Comment from Carolyn Worth

I have a ceanothus that we inherited with the garden some 10 years or so ago, so no idea how old-it has been brilliant up to this year (hence the new gardener!) but now there are lots of dark brown leaves and some are healthy but then the end goes dark brown (and dry) There seems to a bit of a split at the base of the tree (about 2 metres high) but nothing else has changed-any ideas gratefully received.

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  • Posted: Tue. 5th May 2009 17:57
  • Last reply: Wed. 6th May 2009 18:45

mountain fire japonica

Question from k hollingworth

thankyou for the reply,
i have stopped watering the plant and have also firmed it down incase of air pockets-still no joy-the leaves have now all gone a dark copper colour-flowers have dropped off-no idea what to do now, if i just leave it will it come back next season?or is it just dead?any help is greatly appreciated
many thanks

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  • Posted: Fri. 1st May 2009 07:37
  • Last reply: Fri. 1st May 2009 08:38

mountain fire japonica

Question from k hollingworth

hello,new to this site and hope someone out there can advise me,
i recently bought a mountain fire japonica-2 weeks ago - i have planted in the garden and watered well each day,it looks like it is dying-the little red leaves/flowers have dropped off and it seems to have shrivelled-wondering whether to replant - any help will be greatly appreciated
many thanks

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  • Posted: Tue. 21st April 2009 17:15
  • Last reply: Tue. 21st April 2009 19:36

moving magnolia

Question from liz hankins

I have a magnolia which is now about 2yrs old and waist height. It is currently bare of leaves but with buds emerging. I planted it hastily a year ago whe it was stressed in a pot and producing flowers! It has looked quite happy up to now but as I am not sure what it is (might be a "Susan") or how large it will grow, I want it moved further from the house.

Is this a good time to move it to another part of my garden or have I left it too late now that it is budding? Will I now have to wait until next Jan/ Feb when it is dormant again?

Thank you!

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st April 2009 16:35
  • Last reply: Fri. 17th April 2009 17:00

Iris stolonifera

Question from Marion Young

I planted this special iris in a pot last autumn, and kept it in little plastic greenhouse. It produced healthy green leaves this spring. I hardened it off next to a wall, but 2 days after planting in sunny border, we had some very cold strong winds, and the leaves turned yellow, and it looked ill. (All my other irises are doing well.) I replanted it in pot, and wonder if it will survive the trauma. I would be grateful for any advice.

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  • Posted: Wed. 25th March 2009 17:59
  • Last reply: Fri. 27th March 2009 18:33

automated watering

Question from Ann

I am trying to decide what is the best method for watering a perennial garden - leaky pipe vs. spray/sprinkler - any advice would be really welcome

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  • Posted: Mon. 23rd February 2009 12:01
  • Last reply: Mon. 18th May 2009 17:32