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I have a very tall plant, which is about 7 ft tall, when the blooms die off, can I cut it down to a sensible height or will this kill it?

Question from Mrs Lorna Dyter

I have a very tall plant of verbena bonariensis, which is about 7 ft+ tall, when the blooms die off, can I cut it down to a sensible height or will this kill it?

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  • Posted: Fri. 19th August 2016 11:28
  • Last reply: Sat. 20th August 2016 11:04

Have I lost my Verbena bonariensis this year?

Question from Gilly Burgess

Hi - I had a beautiful Verbena bonariensis last year and cut it back quite hard after flowering. We are now in May and I only have a very few new leaves appearing from the old stump despite regular feeding etc. Did I overdo it or is it just being a slowcoach? I live in Sheffield but have a sheltered garden. Please advise? I'm worrying about it!!

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  • Posted: Thu. 28th May 2015 07:57
  • Last reply: Tue. 17th May 2016 12:56

Cold area mean what in temp?

Comment from Sam

Hi..when you say cold area could you explain more..one persons cold area is not anothers? I live in Devizes Wiltshire? thanks

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  • Posted: Fri. 3rd October 2014 11:58
  • Last reply: Fri. 3rd October 2014 14:03

Cutting back

Question from Kevin

Re: Purple top (Verbena bonariensis) - my instructions state that they
should be 'cut down' once flowering has finished.

Last summer i didn't prune/cut back/dead head at all.

So this spring they looked a bit of a sorry state!

This week at last I 'dead headed' them, removed some dead leaves and cut
back the tall stems but only to remove broken parts of stems or obviously
'dead' parts - I didnt cut down right to the base.

They still look a bit of a mess but there is now new growth appearing both
in form of completely new stems AND new branches from the existing stems
left over from last year.

The question is in an ideal world, going back to last summer when
flowering had finished, should i have cut ALL stems down right to the base
- hence starting anew this spring. Would that achieve better results in
the long term or would that have been over doing it?

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  • Posted: Mon. 16th April 2012 18:00
  • Last reply: Sat. 21st April 2012 06:24

Verbena bonariensis

Comment from Georgie

This is a must have plant if like me you like a cottage style, wildlife friendly border. Although it can get rather tall - mine was about 2m last year - its slender stems are fairly see through. I grew it with Oxeye Daisies and the border was full of bees, hoverflies and butterflies.


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  • Posted: Sun. 19th April 2009 20:39
  • Last reply: Tue. 30th November 2010 21:26

Should I cut back?

Question from Julia Safe

I planted these in November, now they are shooting both from the base and from all up the previous growth - hasn't been frosted at all. Should I cut it back down to the ground now (late Jan)?

Thanks, Julia

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  • Posted: Sun. 27th January 2008 17:10
  • Last reply: Tue. 3rd June 2008 12:45