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Rosa 'Knock Out'

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Knockout roses

Comment from Rita

Knockout roses will not be available in uk until at least 2020. My daughter in uk wanted a rose so i suggested a knockout but found they were not available there so after some research i found that the guy that grew these put a stipulation on them so that no one could sell them outside of usa and no one could develop them for 20 years. He developed them in 2000 so you have to wait at least another 2 years before they will be available anywhere except the usa. Hope this helps

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  • Posted: Sun. 29th April 2018 17:00

Rosa 'Radrazz' (Knock Out® rose)

Question from Peter Kelly

Where can I buy this plant in the uk?

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  • Posted: Wed. 22nd May 2013 22:54
  • Last reply: Sat. 1st June 2013 08:30