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Cherry Tree

Question from Mark Nicholls

We have two years old cherry tree which this year had an abundance of cherries growing on it. However, one day they all but got eaten. Not sure if this is due to birds or squirrels.
How can I stop this from happening?

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  • Posted: Thu. 8th June 2017 10:01
  • Last reply: Sat. 10th June 2017 22:10

Pest or disease?

Comment from M McC

What is causing these white rectangular furry areas on the backs of rhodedendron leaves, and how do I deal with them? Thank you for any advice on this.

After Googling, I think it must be cushion scale, which I have never heard of. Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of it?

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  • Posted: Mon. 5th June 2017 14:23

'Girard's Hotshot Variegated' Azalea

Question from NICOLA BLYTH

Hi all

My azalea has looked very sparse this year and I have no idea why.

I have attached 'before and after' pics

Any suggestions?


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  • Posted: Mon. 22nd May 2017 16:08
  • Last reply: Tue. 23rd May 2017 18:32

Pest and disease control in roses.

Question from J P Wright

What is the best chemical control for aphid and black spot in roses

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  • Posted: Tue. 17th January 2017 17:29
  • Last reply: Sat. 29th April 2017 11:41

How to get rid of caterpillars on our Santan plants?

Question from gustavo woltmann

Hi everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant working in a publishers office for over a decade now. Can you help me how to get rid of caterpillars eating leaves of our santan plants?

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  • Posted: Fri. 30th December 2016 14:59

Betula pendula (Silver Birch) Yellow leaves + tiny black spots

Photo from River Bells Farm Nursery

Please see the attached photographs of my Betula pendula thier leaves have turned yellow with tiny black spots and eventually fall from the branches. It is early summer in South Africa and we've been experiencing extremely hot weather but all my trees are under shade cloth and are irrigated with an overhead sprinkler system. All the other trees in my nursery are looking very healthy Please can anyone advise what is the cause of this happening and what remedial treatment one may take. Cheers Terry Strong

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  • Posted: Mon. 5th December 2016 13:19

sempervivum rot

Question from robert atkin

Some of my Sempervivum varieties are displaying signs of rot (dead brown leaves on the underside). However, when I lifted two of them out of the container to check for damp roots I found that they were quite dry. So i'm wondering what else could be causing the rot. Has anyone any ideas?

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  • Posted: Sun. 9th October 2016 09:33


Question from Carol

Half of my 4 year old laburnum is covered with black fly and sooty mould, what would be the best way to treat it please?

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  • Posted: Sat. 1st October 2016 10:55

Pests or normal

Question from Umystarr

Hello, I have purchased some erygium and astrantria from an online company.. I'm new to gardening but I fear they are diseased? The company are telling me the mottling and yellowing are normal for this time of year? Please help, thanks

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  • Posted: Tue. 20th September 2016 08:59
  • Last reply: Wed. 21st September 2016 18:10

plant burn

Question from Joe McWilliams

I include a rather horrid picture of a burn I have got from a plant last week. No hogweed on site, so Euphorbia seems to be the best culprit. Any thoughts? Have not spotted anything suspicious. It is a large grass land, on a new build that I am looking after. A boy got some burns a few weeks ago.

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  • Posted: Mon. 29th August 2016 10:28
  • Last reply: Mon. 29th August 2016 10:54