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Question from Elizabeth Sinclair

Has anyone, anywhere, ever managed to kill of horsetail invading their garden? And if so, how?! Please help, I hate it!

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  • Posted: Fri. 10th August 2018 12:44
  • Last reply: Sat. 11th August 2018 08:41

What are these bugs?

Question from Ann Di Marco

I live in SW France. I have a long line of upright geraniums in window boxes, 3 to a box. One by one, they are keeling over and shrivelling up. I dug into the compost and found these bugs/maggots. They are so ugly! I don't really want to know what they are so much as how to prevent them and keep my lovely display.

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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd August 2018 08:30

No leaves left on my fuchsia

Question from Jill M

I have a hardy fuchsia called 'Avalanche' which is usually just that- an avalanche of flowers. This year all the leaves have been stripped from the whole plant over the course of a week. There is no sign of what is eating them but I have read about Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillars eating fuchsia leaves and I did see one of the moths a couple of years ago. Will the plant regrow after such complete defoliation? This year? Do the caterpillars only come out at night? I would hate to kill the caterpillars of such a magnificent moth but would also like to grow fuchsias. No other fuchsia in my garden is affected although 'Avalanche' is not very near any others. Any thoughts?

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  • Posted: Tue. 17th July 2018 20:57


Photo from Em87

Can someone tell me what the white things are on the leaves of my tree?
Sadly the tree started to grow from outside of our garden so identification is hard. My mother said laurel?

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st June 2018 20:07

Cherry Blossom problem

General post from Ron Dempster

The cherry blossom which I grow in a large container and has flowered for the past two Springs has suddenly developed a problem with the leaves. They are curling up and drying out to the extent they just crumble when picked off. I did cut off the offending branches but the problem is still spreading. Can any one help please.

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  • Posted: Wed. 13th June 2018 12:01
  • Last reply: Sat. 16th June 2018 18:50

What’s wrong with my plants?

Question from Jeannie

I have a north and west facing border. I have three large shrubs in there and it’s under planted with hostas and ferns. It has been planted for several years now without any problems. This year, my hostas and ferns have gotten yellow spots on them and the hostas were already starting to die back. Any ideas on what is causing it?

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  • Posted: Sun. 3rd June 2018 14:09

What is digging up my raised bed by the horseradish?

Question from James Blackshaw

Some animal is digging one large whole in a raised bed next to my horseradish. This is the only part of the bed that is affected. No other beds have been touched. We have 5 dogs but they are indoors when this is happening at night and they are not sniffing the area after. They would if a fox was the culprit. We certainly have badger, muntjac and fox in the area. There are rabbits but we would not doubt find droppings. You should be able to see some sort of foot print from the photos. Any thoughts please?

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th May 2018 09:41
  • Last reply: Fri. 18th May 2018 13:40

Iris issue

Question from Sally Bull

Hi. Does anyone know what’s wrong with my newly planted Iris leaves. See photo below. Thanks!

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  • Posted: Tue. 8th May 2018 09:39
  • Last reply: Tue. 8th May 2018 21:34

Tulip heads eaten

Question from Iris Lando

My tulips are just coming into flower and something is stripping off the heads. What can I do to stop this?

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  • Posted: Sun. 22nd April 2018 18:24

Splits in honeysuckle containg clusters of nodules

Comment from Silentboo

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my honeysuckle? It has clusters of growths. As you cannsee in the picture attached, some splits are more tightly packed than that. Is it salvagable or doomed?

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  • Posted: Sat. 21st April 2018 18:02