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We have had a lot of strong feedback on our Instagram and Facebook pages on our communities feelings about recycling plant pots. If you have a comment, know anyone who needs plant pots or if you know garden centres or plant nurseries which accept back plant pots, please share here. Thank you!

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Rhododendrons flowered and then petals all fell off

Question from angela

Hi, wondered anyone might know why this has happened please.

I bought two Rhododendrons last year and they flowered fine. This year however they flowered a couple of weeks ago and then within a week all the petals looked a bit sorry for themselves and all fell off. I have a North facing garden and they are against a wall. It has been windy weather for a while with rain but awful for them to only last a week.

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  • Posted: Tue. 7th June 2022 12:19

Rudbeckia - pink roots

Question from NICOLA BLYTH

Can anyone tell me what on earth I have done to my Rudbeckia seedlings this year?

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  • Posted: Sun. 29th May 2022 14:47

Looking for Royal Robe Solanum Rantonnetii seeds or clippings.


A friend of mine gave me clippings to this plant many many yrs ago which I propagated successfully and grew into Topiaries & set them out in the summer months. . I live in Alberta Canada & Unfortunately, a few yrs ago an unexpected hard frost at end of August killed all of them, lord knows I tried to save them. Since that time I have tried to buy the plant but can't find it. I knew if I had the seeds I could be successful, however finding them was like trying to find teeth in a chicken (chickens don't have teeth) nor were there any seeds online. I tried different sites even in other countries where they grow annually to no avail. There is a lot of information about this plant & pictures, but no offerring or sale of seeds. So if anyone on this forum knows where I can find these seeds, I'd welcome any leads or information as to where I can get these seeds or clippings. Thanks

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  • Posted: Mon. 4th April 2022 22:43

Brenda Colvin Rose

Question from Andrew Finlay McDiarmid

Hi. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Brenda Colvin Rose Plant/Bush/Root? I am looking for this to be a centrepiece to a remembrance area we are creating in our garden in memory of our beloved and sadly-departed family pet, Brenda the Bassett Hound. Many thanks. Andrew

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  • Posted: Tue. 15th March 2022 14:31

Cutting Back Mature Climbers

Question from Alex McLellan

Recent Winds have "disturbed" the Archways upon which my climbers are well established. They were already becoming top heavy especially the Jasmin. I now need to replace the 18 year old posts/archways, but it will be impossible to thread the new posts/rails between all the old growth.

1. Replace posts and rails.
2. Cut back far enough to achieve Obj 1 but not kill off the climbers.

Q. How far back can I cut the climbers, Half the height, One third or is it dependent on the plant?

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  • Posted: Sat. 26th February 2022 13:13

Old clematis pruning

Question from Nikki Griffith

When I moved her e in 2019 I inherited these two clematis that were overtaking the garden. They had a good prune and for the last two years I have pruned them but they do need a weekly ‘haircut’ to stop them overtaking again. My question is – how hard can I prune them please? Or do I continue with these birds nests of clematis. These photos were taken last Friday.

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  • Posted: Mon. 31st January 2022 10:41

I have inherited two old clematis and am not sure how much I should prune them back.

Question from Nikki Griffith

I have inherited two old clematis (about 30-40 years old I think) and am not sure how much I should prune them back. When I moved here in 2019 they were overtaking the garden and were pruned back and for the last two years they have had a good prune but not a drastic one but they do need keeping under control with a 'haircut' every week to stop them overtaking the garden. Can I prune them back really hard and if so, how hard or do I continue with what I am doing now. These photos were taken on Friday. Advice please!

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  • Posted: Mon. 31st January 2022 10:36

Hydrangea colors

Question from Chelsie Orr

Which hydrangrea varietal is the darkest blue (in acidic soil or otherwise)?
Which is the darket purple?

Thank you!

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  • Posted: Mon. 27th September 2021 14:35

Shrub/hedge for a west facing bed

Question from Victoria Church

I am looking for a medium to small shrub/hedge that will do well in a west facing walled bed. The house stands about 30’ in front of the bed so shades it late afternoon. Anything I have planted there grows incredibly slowly, if at all. Suggestions welcome!

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  • Posted: Fri. 24th September 2021 13:08

Ash die back

General post from mrs finch

The listing for weeping ash says no general disease, is it not susceptible to ash die back?

I know there is a forum for disease but there does not seem to be much activity there

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  • Posted: Sun. 29th August 2021 08:25