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Question from Katherine Simmonds

what is pruning group 9

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  • Posted: Fri. 9th March 2018 13:12
  • Last reply: Fri. 9th March 2018 13:31

Preparation of ground for tapesty lawn?

General post from Rose Stockwell

I have lifted my lawn and wish to replace it with a tapestry lawn - thymes etc. How should I prepare the soil? The soil is neutral. A layer of grit and sand to ensure drainage? I will be using plug plants.

Many thanks.

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  • Posted: Wed. 17th January 2018 12:06
  • Last reply: Mon. 22nd January 2018 12:31

Looking for Garden Designers in Germany/Austria

Comment from Hannah Mattil

I'm a landscape designer from the United States that is interested in meeting gardeners and garden designers that do work in Germany and Austria. I haven't had much luck finding garden designers from these places through internet searches, but I'd like to meet some and I thought this might be a good place to start. If you are a garden designer interested in collaborating with an American garden designer, let me know!

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  • Posted: Wed. 13th December 2017 01:22
  • Last reply: Sat. 16th December 2017 13:14

Eleanor rose

Question from Penny Prior

I have a rose garden with roses named after each of us for myself, my daughters and my granddaughter. Last week my new granddaughter arrived and her name is Eleanor and I can’t seem to get the rose in Australia it seems to be only in the UK. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks Penny

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  • Posted: Sun. 29th October 2017 08:06

Changing a pond

Comment from JensenBreck


looking for some advice as we are changing our wildlife pond from a preformed pond to a liner as we would like it to be much bigger and have a slope to it.

when is the best time to do this and how?

Now I've started to dig over part of the soil and will start removing it but the old pond is still in place so this also will need removing so that we can dig the new pond. We will reduce the water and try and lift the pond out to start the new one but how long can we leave the other pond as it won't be at ground level. Will it need to be all completed in a short period of time? We haven't measured the space yet for the liner but was thinking of doing this once the old one is out and the new one dug.

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  • Posted: Wed. 25th October 2017 11:16

Plants for very shallow soil

Question from Julie Macavoy

I'm having my patio re-laid with the intention of extending my border with some plants. However, when they removed the existing flags, there was a massive concrete layer underneath. I cannot get it removed, too big and costly, so I intend to just soil over it. The soil depth will be about 2 inches (50cms). Can anyone suggest some plants that will cope with such shallow soil? I like flowering plants, maybe some ground cover ones. The border will be in sunshine until early afternoon and I don't particularly want to have to keep watering it so maybe something that copes with dry conditions, too. Am I asking too much? If I can't find anything, I'll probably have to resort to gravel and pot plants on top. Thanks, Julie

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  • Posted: Mon. 16th October 2017 17:24
  • Last reply: Tue. 17th October 2017 12:16

What's this plant

Question from Paul

Hi, I've been trying to find out what this plant is, I've tried google image search and google search but this plant doesn't seem to exist.
Can anyone put a name to it for me?

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  • Posted: Sun. 24th September 2017 00:45
  • Last reply: Mon. 25th September 2017 19:37

After germination

Comment from Brenda Kain

Having transposed small seedlings, what is the most effective way of bringing them on

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  • Posted: Sun. 13th August 2017 09:43


Question from Brenda Kain

How do I propagate geum please

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  • Posted: Fri. 11th August 2017 16:08
  • Last reply: Sat. 12th August 2017 10:27

How do I prune clematis ?

Question from J P Wright

How do I prune my clematis plants?

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  • Posted: Tue. 1st August 2017 19:49
  • Last reply: Wed. 2nd August 2017 05:06