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We have had a lot of strong feedback on our Instagram and Facebook pages on our communities feelings about recycling plant pots. If you have a comment, know anyone who needs plant pots or if you know garden centres or plant nurseries which accept back plant pots, please share here. Thank you!

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My next door neighbours tree is taking my water

Question from Teresa Skinner

I planted three climbing roses for this year, but one in particular, is really struggling to survive. I am assuming my next doors silver birch is taking all the water I am giving it. Any ideas?

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  • Posted: Wed. 17th June 2020 14:10

Flamingo Willow tree

Question from Gary Brown

We bought a 4ft flamingo willow tree planted in a south facing garden in a sunny/shady area but the leaves have gone brown and flaking off. We have now put it in a pot. Can you advise how to resolve the issue.

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  • Posted: Sat. 13th June 2020 09:37

woolly aphid control

Question from Charmian Perkins


Please could you let me know whether Cryptoline (Cryptolaemus Montrouzieri) eat Adalia bipunctata? I have both aphids (on roses) and woolly aphids (on crab apple tree) in my garden and was wondering whether it's possible to introduce both predators?

Thank you!

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  • Posted: Tue. 26th May 2020 14:32

What type of pest leaves a glittery sheen to the leaf but isnt slugs or snails?

Question from Laura Newton

What type of pest leaves a glittery sheen to the leaf but isnt slugs or snails?

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  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Sun. 24th May 2020 11:22
  • Last reply: Mon. 8th June 2020 14:30

Brief Description

Comment from Mary Brady-Maguire

I already trialled the free offer and input brief description and photo of the garden. However, when I went to register for 12 month subscription these details seem to have disappeared!?! Although the soil type attributes remained!
do I need to re-input details/photo??
Also, Co Westmeath is not on the drop-down menu :(

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  • Posted: Mon. 18th May 2020 22:50

What is wrong with my wisteria

Question from Lynne Prebble

What is wrong with my wisteria?

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  • Posted: Mon. 18th May 2020 12:40
  • Last reply: Fri. 22nd May 2020 15:53

What’s wrong here

Photo from Lynne Prebble

Can anyone suggest what’s wrong here?

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  • Posted: Mon. 18th May 2020 12:26
  • Last reply: Fri. 22nd May 2020 20:21

Loads of mushrooms

Question from Nicola B

Hello everyone

I've been a member for about a year, but it's my first time posting *waves*

I'm a terrible gardener but want to be better. For quite a few years, I did none at all and let my garden overgrow terribly. When I finally saw sense and did something about it, I cleared a lot of the garden. To buy me some time until I figured out what to do with it, I laid down weed mats over the cleared areas and added bark chippings.

A month or so ago, I noticed there were tiny little mushrooms growing under the soil in some open bottomed planters I have. I thought it was stranger but had heard fungi wasn't a bad thing, so congratulated myself on finally getting something right!

Yesterday I was tending the planters and noticed there were loads of mushrooms! I noticed even more on a patch that still has bark laid down.

Is this the dreaded ringless honey fungi? I can see that some of them are growing on and around the bark. But they're also growing in the planters where there isn't any bark. And, I only put those planters in last year so I know there isn't any tree stumps or dead wood in them.

Any advice on what they are, or what to do would be very welcome!

Thank you

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  • Posted: Sun. 10th May 2020 12:54

Red panda bamboo

Question from Rachel

I know that Red Panda bamboo Jiuzhaigou '1' is a clumping bamboo, but can it be invasive? I'm planning to use it for light screening in a raised bed, which has breeze block sides, but a soil base.

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  • Posted: Sun. 3rd May 2020 14:48

what is the best product to use to feed laurel

Question from Adam Byrne

I have a run of mature laurels running along the top of a bank which is very dry and hard baked. The laurels are starting to loose some vigour and colour, ehat would be the best product to use to feed them,

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  • Posted: Sat. 25th April 2020 08:20