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How big will this magnolia get?

Question from liz hankins

I am new to gardening so I do help someone can help me identify this magnolia.
I bought it early 2007 from a Telegraph offer, root wrapped with no foliage and as had not moved to my new house planted it temporarily in a pot. It is still in the pot as I am hesitating to plant it as am now unsure which magnolia it is and how big it will get? Amazingly it has sprouted flowers despite being in the same pot & not much soil for over a year!

I intended to plant it in my North East facing lawn (the soil has a high clay content) as a screen between my house and the house opposite but am worried that it could grow to 30ft or so and overshadow the whole garden.
Please can anyone identify it and tell me how big it might grow?

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  • Posted: Fri. 30th May 2008 14:24
  • Last reply: Sun. 8th June 2008 20:45

Shallow bed, wet in winter

Question from Wendy

Have created a new border which only has a depth of 18" of topsoil until the subsoil is reached. Previously this area was part of the lawn, which gets very wet in winter (clay underneath). I would like to plant a mixture of shrubs and wonder if anyone knows what would like wet, heavy, shallow soil?

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  • Posted: Thu. 22nd May 2008 22:46
  • Last reply: Sat. 24th May 2008 15:47


Question from Jeana Gorman

I love Ceanothus but I am trying to buy one with bright blue flowers. Does anyone know which plant has the brightest flowers? Thanks

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  • Posted: Thu. 22nd May 2008 16:31
  • Last reply: Fri. 23rd May 2008 15:01

Help identifying mystery shrubs?

Question from Faye Wimpenny


I have 4 shrubs in my garden that I am really struggeling to identify.

This one has flowered from April to May and does not seem to get much bigger than about 50cm tall.

I will add the other as comments. If you can help I'd really appreciate it.


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  • Posted: Fri. 16th May 2008 22:56
  • Last reply: Tue. 18th October 2011 00:37

Garden Layouts

Question from Stephen Clayton

Help please - is it possible to save more than one garden layout - say one for front garden and one for rear?

Site just gets better and better - well done!


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  • Posted: Sat. 26th April 2008 11:23
  • Last reply: Mon. 2nd June 2008 14:08

What is this plant?

Question from SsimTee

Can anybody help? Can't identify this plant. It has these lovely small lilac flowers and looks very delicate.

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  • Posted: Thu. 24th April 2008 16:59
  • Last reply: Wed. 30th April 2008 17:25

Suntrap Open Day, Gogarburn, Edinburgh, Scotland

General post from Jeana Gorman

I help out at Suntrap Garden in Edinburgh, they are holding there annual open day for charity on Sunday 25 May 2008 between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm. Please come along. I have made a blog the details are http://sntrapgarden.wordpress.

I hope this is allowed

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  • Posted: Thu. 24th April 2008 11:20
  • Last reply: Thu. 24th April 2008 14:33

Gardening blogs

Question from Georgie

Do any members here keep a gardening blog? I've just started a very basic one and I wondered whether others might like like to share theirs.


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  • Posted: Thu. 10th April 2008 21:06
  • Last reply: Wed. 16th April 2008 20:00

Find plants to buy using Shoot

Comment from Nicola

We now allow you to find plant plants for sale! To see an example go to:

Yarrow 'Cloth of Gold'

We hope you find this useful!

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  • Posted: Mon. 7th April 2008 09:28
  • Last reply: Tue. 8th April 2008 10:41

Posting Plant Photos

Photo from Georgie

"Hi there - So glad you like the new feature - will take a look at your photos in a minute. We will be improving this feature over time too, so that you will be able to get to all your own images in one place from your account area."

I look foward to that, Nicola. This site just gets better and better. :D


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  • Posted: Fri. 28th March 2008 18:44
  • Last reply: Mon. 7th April 2008 17:06