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Help! Advice on what to put in a newly designed garden

Question from Kristina Eriksson


We have recently terraced and designed our garden and it's time to start planting. I have two big flowerbeds, a couple of smaller squares (ca 70cm x 70cm), a narrow but deep trough at height... and various pots. The soil is heavy clay/alkaline and I've mixed in sand and top soil and dug the beds through (phew), but it's still quite heavy and lumpy... I've tried to choose plants that love that sort of thing... I've included two pics, one with annotations.

Some other considerations:
1. It's a south-facing garden but uphill on a north-facing slope, so while summers can be scorching because it's very sheltered, winters are dark and sun-less (and often wet..). You'll see the extreme terracing in the pics.

2. My main concern is picking a tree - i was thinking the evergreen magnolia but eucalyptus are also meant to be great for wet soils since they drink a lot, and they're very nice, too, and evergreen. And then the question is, where does it go? I was thinking the bottom flowerbed since it's the wettest and also has the most space (the squares on the left are only ca 70cm x 70cm) but I would love to hear views.

3. I'd like to have climbers on the sides since the walls on each side are tall and bare.

Thank you so much in advance.

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  • Posted: Sun. 5th April 2020 12:35
  • Last reply: Sun. 5th April 2020 13:13

Flash support

Question from Kate KCGD

Hi, Adobe have announced that they're not supporting Flash anymore, so I've downloaded the beta version of the planner. Since Flash is soon to be no more (!) will the beta be pulled through and have full functionality soon?

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  • Posted: Mon. 10th February 2020 10:38
  • Last reply: Mon. 10th February 2020 13:16

Why can't I associate more than one designer shape with the same plant from my wanted list?

Question from Allison Mcintosh

Trying to associate multiple designer shapes with the same plant (digitalis in this case) and can only associate it once!!! Looked in my wanted list and its obviously there and I can't see an option to add multiples... Anyone had this issue and can help?

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  • Posted: Sun. 12th January 2020 12:11
  • Last reply: Sun. 12th January 2020 18:32

putting in hedge boundaries in Garden planner.

Comment from Paul Willis

I'm very new to Shoot and need help with using the planning tool. My garden is surrounded on all 4 sides by hedges predominantly Hawthorn, with Ivy and some Holly. How do I create hedge boundaries in the garden planner?
I suspect I will have to just put in repeated row of hawthorn plants from tree/bush menu.
thanks. Paul

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st January 2020 17:22
  • Last reply: Tue. 7th January 2020 09:33

Good combination to go with tulips

Question from Kayla Telford

Hi there, I have a few gardens which I have planted tulips and other spring bulbs in mass to give a brilliant display of colour in the spring. I quite like tulips as they have very neat and tidy foliage. What is a another tidy plant to go with these that will look neat for the rest of the year?

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  • Posted: Mon. 1st April 2019 09:44

Lyme grass to plant or not to plant?

General post from Sheryll jerred

I’ve bought a dozen Lyme Grass, Leymus Arearius, I have since read varying articles on its spreading nature , we have poor chalky soil , south facing, it gets very hot, so I was looking to plant this with tall perennials for a prairie look garden. We have just built a contemporary barn style home. I was thinking this would be easy low maintenance, just mow once a year and enjoy for the rest! Is it likely to become a nuisance?
Thank you in advance

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  • Posted: Sun. 17th March 2019 21:24

What tree/bush to choose

Tip from Tamara

Hi, I have a very small garden (4x5 meters) and want a tree or a bush in one corner. I was thinking a white multi stem tree like Jacquemontii but it is to high. I don't want anything taller than 2.5 meters. The space is partly shaded, and new top soil will be put down. Alternatively I'm looking into a shrub like Syringa Meyeri 'Palibin' (a dwarf lilac) but have my heart set on a tree. Is there a good middle-ground or another plant that I haven't encountered yet that I should considered? Any advise is much appreciated.

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  • Posted: Wed. 6th February 2019 15:10

Help Needed

Question from Roy Warrender

I have a very Small Boarder At the rear of my retirement bungalow its 3 fence panels wide about 18ft by about 30 in wide sloaping north to south about 18 in., each panel has an upside down trianguler trellis on it
this year due to the Hot weather its been a failure I am hoping the shrubs will suvive, the soils not to good & the other side of the fence is scrub land with brambles unfortunatley I have no access to clear them
I am looking for all year colour Plants should be evergreen with seasonal bedding.
To keep to the rules no plant can exeed 2 mtrs in height, I would like to keep shrubs about 1 to 1.5 mtrs, my preferance is not to over crowd plants

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  • Posted: Wed. 8th August 2018 13:35

I have a plan... but need help

Question from Nic Christie

I’m in really need of help and advice.
I’ve designed and started to build my rear garden (see attached) the garden is SSW facing . I can't use those 3D design things so will have to put up with my sketch. LOL
The trouble is I want to plant it based on ferns, grasses, hostas, acer, palms type plants but have absolutely no idea what will work where layout etc . Please please can you or anyone help out.

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  • Posted: Tue. 3rd July 2018 12:25

Cotoneaster tree for a very small garden

Question from marguerite mcmullin

Hi. I am wanting to add a small semievergreen to my small garden. If I plant it close to my neighbours fence will it be easy to prune it so that it doesn't intrude too much over their side of the garden? You can see the fence next to where my partner is holding a tape measure showing height of 3 metres. The other photos are of a man next to a cotoneaster in a 30 ltr pot and a 7-8 foot cotoneaster in a 12 litre pot. The tree in the 12ltr pot is significantly cheaper and has a 2 year guarantee. Does the pot size make much difference?

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  • Posted: Sat. 31st March 2018 22:23
  • Last reply: Mon. 18th March 2019 20:18