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black and green fly on my pea plant

Comment from duncan cairns

does diluted fairy liquid damage the pea plant when used to treat green and black fly

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  • Posted: Wed. 17th July 2013 18:28
  • Last reply: Thu. 18th July 2013 13:51

Black fly-organic control

Tip from Susie H.

Dear Faye,
There is a 'friendly' midge that eats blackfly--Aphidoletes aphidymyza, which you can order.
Or you can spray it regularly with dilluted Fairy liquid.

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  • Posted: Tue. 12th August 2008 10:46

Organic way to get rid of black fly?

Question from Faye Wimpenny

I have a philadelphus that is covered in black fly. Is there any way I can get rid of them with out using pesticides as I also have quite a few ladybirds eating them but not fast enough!

Thanks faye

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  • Posted: Thu. 29th May 2008 17:38
  • Last reply: Mon. 2nd June 2008 13:08