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News on Shoot

Comment from Nicola

Hi all,

Happy New Year again! Just a reminder that we post news and daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Click here to see them:

We have over 250 Facebook followers and a staggering 2,000+ followers on Twitter now. We hope you join us too. We hope to see you there.

All the best, Nicola

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  • Posted: Sun. 17th January 2010 13:21

What a wasted week!!

Comment from Lorna Hazeltine

Last Sunday I spent 5 hours in the garden/greenhouse. Just what the Doctor ordered. I was looking forward to spending more time outdoors on Monday. No such luck, the wind was so strong it was dangerous to be out there. Tuesday wasn't any better, Wednesday I go to see a friend. Thursday and Friday I was feeling unwell although last night I was feeling much better so planning to garden today. Huh!! have had heavy rain all morning. I suppose there is always housework (I need a miserable smiley)
Sooooo! I am going to do my ironing and this evening I am going to see my 2 youngest Granddaughters (sisters) receive their Certificates for their Ballroom Dancing exams. How has your week been?

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  • Posted: Sat. 28th March 2009 13:21
  • Last reply: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:29

What about the weather?

Comment from Joanne 9919

Hasn't it been beautiful today? It's the first time this year that I've really wanted to get out there into the garden.

I've had a good tidy round and checked on the plants outside and also in the greenhouse. Some are starting to spring to life now.

Saying that, it was thick with frost this morning. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

So, have you been taking advantage of the lovely day?


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  • Posted: Thu. 5th March 2009 17:49
  • Last reply: Wed. 11th March 2009 18:31

Loughboro' AGS show

General post from Palustris Catz

Loughborough Alpine Garden Society Show

Saturday, 7 March 2009 - 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm


Come and see some of the finest alpines and bulbs ever!

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd March 2009 21:35

Vegatable Growing Weekend

Comment from Joanne 9919

I've been to Wyevale Garden Centre in York today and they're advertising a vegetable growing weekend Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March (next weekend).

I don't know if this is nationwide or just the York branch (you could always check), but they are giving free demonstrations and advice. One of the demonstrations which took my eye was the 'growing veg in containers' demonstration.

They are also running a competition for schools to win the use of their vegetable planting beds.


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  • Posted: Sat. 28th February 2009 21:36

Gardening in the News

Comment from Laura Thomas

This week seems to have been full of news about gardening so thought Shoot members might be interested in these:

Capability Brown's first garden plan to be brought to life after 250 years

Allotments on canals to be offered to public

and even the recent cold snap is good for our native plants
Snow and frost will benefit nation's gardens

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  • Posted: Sat. 21st February 2009 12:17

the weather

General post from david warman

over the week end i was totaly dishartened by the strong winds we had in northern ireland my green house was totaly destroyed by the gales that we had £300 worth of green house destroyed in minutes along with all my seed trays that i had sown ready for this years veg crop so i am giving it a miss this year and starting again next year from david warman belfast northern ireland

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  • Posted: Wed. 21st January 2009 00:16
  • Last reply: Wed. 21st January 2009 21:56

Christine Walkden The One Show

Question from Julia Kirkham

Thanks for being in touch. My garden at Crockmore House oxfordshire was on I own Britain's Best Garden with Lawrence LLewelyn-Bowen in September. It could be worthy of consideration for Christine's programme.

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  • Posted: Mon. 19th January 2009 16:27
  • Last reply: Mon. 19th January 2009 22:28

keeping chickens in the garden

General post from stephanie ellis

Have you thought about keeping chickens in your garden, wonderful hobby . They make wonderful family pets that all the family can get involved with . Their are many varieties of laying hybrid hens available these days and a really wide selection of garden coops also . For information on garden coops , try visiting a company that make contemporary coops www.framebow.co.uk
certainly worth a look if your thinking about setting up to keep a few chickens

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  • Posted: Wed. 17th December 2008 15:47
  • Last reply: Mon. 8th June 2009 16:07

problems with plants

Question from Anthony La Monte

Not sure where to have put this question but, here it is... I planted some bulbs last fall and they were great this summer but in late october we had a warm spell and some of them starting spurtting up again. Why? and I covered them with mulch to protect them. Any suggestions. Also do you think there going to die now. Thanks Anthony

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd December 2008 18:19
  • Last reply: Fri. 5th December 2008 11:03