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My Favourite Plant

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New - We love plants! Tell us about your favourite. Is it in Shoot? If not, request we add it for you.

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Phormium 'Dazzler'

Question from Stuart D. McLeod

Does anyone know where I can obtain the above plant to add to my collection of 60+ phormiums?

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  • Posted: Tue. 1st June 2010 13:34
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Plants for winter colour

Comment from Nicola

Hillier Nurseries have also chosen plants for winter colour too. Here are their picks:

Hollies. Gardeners should not be put off by the rather spindly appearance of young hollies. Over time they grow into stunning specimens with wonderful foliage and often colourful fruits much appreciated by birds in winter. As an added bonus, hollies are said to bring good fortune and keep the witches away!

Skimmias Rich evergreen foliage and decorative winter buds in green, pink or red, which open to release their lily-of-the-valley scent in early spring. Skimmias grow on most soils but need shade and are ideal for winter containers.

Cornus. With their striking stems in black, red, yellow or orange, cornus provide dramatic structure and colour for the winter garden.

Photinia 'Little Red Robin'. A star amongst evergreen photinia, this variety is smaller and more compact than its big brother and its new leaves are an even deeper red. This is a wonderful plant for the smaller garden and is excellent in containers.

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  • Posted: Sat. 5th December 2009 14:05

Plants for winter fragrance

Comment from Nicola

Hi - These are Hillier Nurseries best choices for winter fragrance

Mahonia Resplendent with yellow, scented flowers in mid-winter, mahonias are sure to brighten the dullest of winter mornings and will lighten the shadiest spot in any garden

Sarcococca confusa An unassuming treasure in the winter garden for its glossy green leaves and its dense and spreading habit. The fragrant, white winter flowers are followed by black shiny fruit. This plant never gets too big, grows in any soil and is excellent under trees.

Hamamelis The scent of witch hazel is one of the highlights of the winter garden.

Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' This is the ultimate purchase for a delicious scent in the winter garden.

Hope you enjoy them! Hillier has also written a Gardener's Guide to the Winter Garden.

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  • Posted: Sat. 5th December 2009 13:52

A for Acer Palmatums

Comment from Laura Thomas

As a genus my current passion is for Japanese Acers - I have two and bought them together because I could not choose between them.

I love the lush-green and upright habit of 'Sei-Ryu' (Green Dragon or Holy Dragon) whilst the delicate pink leaved 'Ukigumo' lives up to its name of 'heavenly cloud'

Both are planted in containers in sheltered shady areas - Ukigumo acer is particularly prone to scorch given its pale leaves.

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  • Posted: Fri. 3rd July 2009 10:21
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New Forum - My Favourite Plant!

Comment from Nicola

Hi all - just added a new forum. We love plants at Shoot, and hope you do too! Share with us and others which are your favourite.

Are they in Shoot? Check here.
If not, request we add them for you.

Hope you contribute to this new forum area. All the best, Nicola

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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 12:44
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