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Magnolia losing leaves..

Question from Jenny Sagi

We were given this lovely stellata planted in a huge pot for our wedding anniversary.
It flowered beautifully and then after the flowers dropped the leaves began to appear, but now they are showing signs of being eaten by something, and I can't see anything, presumably should be spraying it with something, but what??
Please advise.

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  • Posted: Sun. 26th May 2013 15:39
  • Last reply: Sat. 1st June 2013 10:25

Stellata Planted May 2011

Question from Peter Taylor

I planted my Stellata and it had wonderfull flowerr's, however, i noticed in August slight browning of the leaves (at the tips). Now in mid September the browning is increasing. Is this just the normal effects of a Deciduous plant? I have checked for slugs and other problems, but I have found none. I don't know the Ph value but it's planted in a clay but well drained soil.

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  • Posted: Sun. 18th September 2011 10:05
  • Last reply: Mon. 19th September 2011 14:29

my magnolia stellata looks dead

Question from ken chilton

given this in april,it had 5 flowers and looked really good when flowers dies some green leaves appeared but soon dropped off,at the time it was in a small black plastic pot,and so i decided to repot in a large container,following the repotting instructions very carefully,since the middle of may the plant seems to have just remained dormant do you think this is dead now..being a very new gardener i have no idea what to do,any help would be much appreciated......i have tried to take photo of plant but not easy to show clearly

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  • Posted: Wed. 22nd June 2011 11:57
  • Last reply: Thu. 23rd June 2011 09:05

Rescue of memorial magnolia stellata

Question from rachel

Hi, I wonder if you can help me, I have just rescued my granparents 19 yr old memorial magnolia stellata from my mothers house as she is moving...long story short, the magnolia has not flowered or had leaves this year at all.
The small stem branches are very brittle and snap when bent but there does seem to be some life at the base as there are new green shoots at the bottom of the plant.
I think I found the cause to be a serious infestation of ants in the soil and root ball so washed the ants out with water till all the soil was removed along with the ants...I know this was probably a mistake now ive looked at magnolias not liking being moved so washing its roots is probably not a good move :-(
Have I killed it? or could it be ok again...It was in serious trouble anyway so i am really trying to save it as it had my grandparents ashes scattered in the soil....some of which I have saved and treated with ant spray to replace once the tree is healthy again (with luck), can you give me any advice as this tree mean alot to our family, Many thanks Rachel

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  • Posted: Tue. 13th July 2010 22:16
  • Last reply: Sat. 24th July 2010 15:04

Summer pruning

Comment from CD

I was waiting until January to prune a large Magnolia but when I went to get more detail from the RHS they said it should be pruned midsummer. Here is the advice on their site:
'Established magnolias usually do not require regular pruning; generally they do not respond well to pruning. But where damaged branches or overgrown specimens need work then this should be done when the tree is in full leaf, usually during midsummer. Pruning cuts made at this time of the year will have plenty of time to begin healing before the onset of winter, and are less prone to dieback.'

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  • Posted: Mon. 3rd August 2009 14:17
  • Last reply: Wed. 9th June 2010 08:23