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Who can sell me a plant?

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This is a forum for people who are searching for a plant for sale and Shoot does not currently hold a supplier name.

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Question from Ken Holmes

Can anyone advise me where I can purchase a Fuchsia called 'Sir David Attenborough , Have tried many places but have not been successful yet. Thanks.

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  • Posted: Sun. 12th March 2017 18:13
  • Last reply: Mon. 13th March 2017 18:43

Marbacka geranium

Question from kaz forecast

Does anyone know where I can buy a 'Marbacka' geranium (pelargonium) plant other than trotting of to Sweden. They are commonly known as 'Swedish Geraniumns' - evergreen - the most palest of pink - with many varieties. I have tried everywhere for a couple of years now on and off but to no avail - even my well know independent nursery had never heard of them despite Shootgardening listing this variety - Help!

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  • Posted: Wed. 11th January 2017 10:43
  • Last reply: Sat. 14th January 2017 20:27

Actually, not a plant, mazus SEEDS.

Question from Sheri Iott

I am wanting to sow mazus to grow in between the flagstones of a fairly large patio, and don't want to pay the price for plants. But I can't find mazus seeds ANYWHERE! Does anyone have a source or suggestion? Thank you!!!

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  • Posted: Fri. 16th September 2016 15:05

Royale Rouge Rosa

Comment from Greig Mitchell


Our dog recently passed and her pedigree name was Testwood Bouzy Rouge. I would love to get a plant and spread some of her ashes. The above seemed like a good fit for the conservatory but it seems only available in the US. Could anyone help with tips to obtain? Thanks very much

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  • Posted: Fri. 15th July 2016 11:02
  • Last reply: Thu. 21st July 2016 09:30

Ipomoea batatas 'Blackie'

Question from iGrowHort

Can anyone help me locate this or any other variety of ornamental sweet potato vine in the UK

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  • Posted: Wed. 4th May 2016 05:30

Geraldine Rose

Question from Paul Melody

Hi everyone,
I am trying to hunt down a rose variety called Geraldine.
Does anyone know where I might obtain it?
Thanks for your help.


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  • Posted: Fri. 1st April 2016 14:37

Fuscia 'Valerie Ann'

Question from Ray Hall

After the passing of my mother recently I would like to locate and purchase a Valerie Ann Fuscia in her memory. I have seen it pictured on your site but cannot find one to buy . Any help/recommendations would be most graciously appreciated.
Many Thanks. Ray Hall.

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  • Posted: Thu. 5th February 2015 10:19
  • Last reply: Sun. 8th February 2015 18:47

Justicia brandegeeana

Question from Stuart

Anyone know where I can buy this plant ?


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  • Posted: Thu. 11th December 2014 12:05

find me this holly

Question from Mr T Martin

hello, I live in Gateshead, England, I want to buy ilex aquifolium night glow, but cant find any site that sells it, can you help me to find it? I have seen it on a site called "ilex garden" regards tom.

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  • Posted: Tue. 9th September 2014 23:47

phyla nodiflora

Question from ismail can paylan

? want to buy phyla nodiflora seeds.
how can ? find and buy

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  • Posted: Wed. 11th June 2014 10:05
  • Last reply: Wed. 11th June 2014 10:09