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Does anyone know anywhere to find good detailed planting plans for borders or gardens? Thanks.

Comment from pootros

Just looking for resources to seek inspiration from; I get a bit confused trying to balance height, flowering time as well as the other conditions for a planting plan. THanks so much.

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  • Posted: Tue. 5th July 2016 10:04

Can anyone help with flowerbed plant selection

Question from Victoria Player

Hi all, I'm glueless about gardening but so keen to learn and very excited about creating my own garden from scratch. We have a new build house with a West facing garden, which has a large 3 meter ish wall at the back with a 12m wide by 1 meter deep bed against the 18th century wall. The landscaper has told me I can choose the plants to go into the flowerbed. I already have a wisteria and a red rose climber but need loads more to fill the bed. I want it to have a bit of evergreen in different shades of green leaves but my favourite are flowers. I like the colour of Acer leaves, but don't know if this is a suitable plant/tree against wall. I also dont want anything that's going to grow taller than the wall and therefore create shade higher than the wall. Can anyone suggest what would grow best and look best. I think we need mostly climbers or shrubs that will grow tall.

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  • Posted: Thu. 16th June 2016 11:27

Noise and privacy screening

Question from Ian Robertshaw

I have a small rear garden which has a 6ft wall at the bottom. Beyond the wall the ground slopes up to a pavement and rather busy road making the garden overlooked by passers by and also noisy from the road. The wall is about 11meters long and options such as pleated hornbeams although desirable are far too expensive for my budget. Does anyone have any ideas of how I might provide the privacy and noise buffer without taking too much light from the garden.

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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd June 2016 09:50

Replicating a simple design

Question from tania oddi

Please see the image. I would like to create this on a much smaller scale. Can anyone suggest a way of doing this?

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st April 2016 08:08

Large wall 7.5m deep by 12m wide garden design help

Comment from Victoria Player

Hello, We are buying a new build and have a 7.5m deep by 12m wide garden, 2 children (3y and 10mnths). There is a rather large wall at the end of the garden, which is very old and unfortunely they have dung down to reveal its foundations, making it 43 bricks high and as the foundations have been revealed they have said that they have to build a 1 meter wide raised bed to support the wall. The wall isn't ours. Anyway, before we knew we'd have to have this large raised bed we were already worried that the garden was too small and now feel that the bed will make it look smaller. I have attach a pick of garden from our back door and and my original plan. I'm no expert but did some research on how to make a garden look deeper than it is etc and this is what I came up with. I've also attached a pic of the show home garden, as I like the patio that they have used. Hope that you can help. We are meeting with the developer on Monday to agree what they are going to do about hiding/supporting the walls foundations. I'm hoping that someone on here will have some ideas in order for us to not loose too much garden. Vicky

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  • Posted: Sat. 16th April 2016 19:24
  • Last reply: Tue. 19th April 2016 09:28

garden ornaments

Question from Helen Hull

Does anyone know where I can purchase a large terracotta or stone urn (75cm or taller) for the centrepiece to a Greek pebble mosaic I'm planning? Advertised Cretan pots come in at £1000+!

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  • Posted: Tue. 1st March 2016 15:16
  • Last reply: Thu. 3rd March 2016 11:37

Printing Plant list

Question from Robert Spencer

I have not used design feature for a while and have been busy in the garden planting.
I want to print out a simple list of plants that I have already entered into the garden WITHOUT photos and long descriptions, .

Is their a way of doing this?

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  • Posted: Sat. 12th December 2015 15:36
  • Last reply: Sun. 5th June 2016 06:14

Garden design tool

Question from Joanne Evans

I've been using the garden design tool for a little while. The problem I am having is that it does not create designs to scale when they are printed out e.g. if a drawing is printed out on A4 what scale is this? Is there something I am missing or do I need to upgrade to be a Pro Member for this functionality? Joanne

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  • Posted: Thu. 10th December 2015 18:25
  • Last reply: Tue. 22nd December 2015 15:36

Winter Boarder

General post from Roy Warrender

Hi, I have 2 small L shaped borders in front of my bungalow 6' x 8' x 18" wide
I would like to replant as a Autumn winter boarder
Can anyone suggest suitable low growing plants?
The ends and corners I would like to have plants that can be left in all year and not over 18" tall
the bedding plants will be changed to suit the season during the year

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  • Posted: Wed. 5th August 2015 21:20
  • Last reply: Mon. 7th March 2016 14:17

Using Google Earth

Question from Dominic Buxton


I'm sure that when I had my free trial a few years ago, I used Google Earth to select my garden, so they shape and size were accurate, then added plants in. I can't find how to do that now I've signed up as a full member.

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  • Posted: Thu. 7th May 2015 09:25
  • Last reply: Thu. 7th May 2015 16:32