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Storage of Begonias

Question from Diana o'Sullivan

Now is the time for lifting Begonias. May I ask how everyone stores theirs?

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st December 2021 08:32
  • Last reply: Fri. 21st January 2022 13:48

Gardenia leaves turning brown

Question from SRoy

My gardenia plant leaves are turning brown. The plant is in a pot in ericaceous compost and in full sun. Can someone please advise? Thanks

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  • Posted: Sat. 13th June 2020 16:59
  • Last reply: Thu. 15th July 2021 14:57

Lavendula Hidcote in a container

Question from Freda Johnston

I would like to plant Lavendula Hidcote in a container. Please can you advise on best compost type to use and other tips for success. Thank you

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  • Posted: Fri. 12th June 2020 19:07
  • Last reply: Wed. 1st December 2021 08:03

sourcing rectangular wire wall basket

Question from Geoff Bird

I’d be most grateful if anyone could advise me where in the UK I might be able to buy a rectangular basket similar to one in the attached image. I prefer this shape to the traditional half basket because it can hold more soil at a consistent depth. Obviously it needs to be sufficiently robust to hold the weight of well-watered soil.

Many thanks from Geoff (in Devon)

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  • Posted: Wed. 26th February 2020 16:27

Brugmansia CULEBRA

Question from Benny

Dear Sirs, Shalom from Israel.
I need your advice - how to care for Brugmansia 'Culebra'?
Since last April, the plant has been out, in the shade, with morning sun. Now in the mountains of Jerusalem it is very cold. 13 degrees during the day and 4 degrees at night. Is it best to leave it outside or indoors?
I ask you because I noticed when I brought it home on cold nights and brought it out to light the next day - the plant lost leaves.
Please write me how to care for it in winter? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Merry Christmas!!! Benny

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  • Posted: Sat. 14th December 2019 08:38
  • Last reply: Wed. 15th January 2020 14:54

underplanting artemesia with bulbs

Question from Edward Gregory

if I place daffodil & tulip bulbs in a deep container under Artemesia Nana Attract do you think the bulbs grow through the artemesia?
The artemesia is about 6 months old and will cover the surface of the container which is about 45cms diameter.

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  • Posted: Wed. 11th September 2019 12:39
  • Last reply: Sat. 21st September 2019 18:31

Plant identification

Question from Emily Hanson

Hi there, I haven't done any gardening in a long time so I've forgotten some stuff. Not sure what I can get rid of and what I should keep! Could someone please identify these plants for me? Sorry about the quality of the photos!

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  • Posted: Wed. 22nd May 2019 15:34
  • Last reply: Mon. 2nd September 2019 13:07

Ground cover plant below Etoile de Hollande

Question from Angela Bunting

I have a large garden box with Etoile de Hollande growing up a wall at the rear of the box. Please can you recommend ground cover plant. A friend recommended a white ground cover rose (if I do this, any thoughts on variety) - I would welcome any comments / suggestions

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  • Posted: Sat. 20th October 2018 08:01
  • Last reply: Mon. 22nd October 2018 16:13

4 Wisteria standard in a pot

Question from Yvonne Horgan

Hi all. I'd like to have a go at growing a wisteria as a standard in a pot. But if I am doing that, I wondered about 4 of them, white, pink, blue and purple, "plaited" up the support pole. It will need to be a very big pot and in time they might strangle each other, but has anyone else tried this, and can I learn from any mistakes ? I am guessing they should all be sinesis or floribunda not a mix, and I thought I would pad the support pole with one of those styrofoam swimming pool "noodles" to allow some stem expansion. Maybe I should keep them in their own pots within the big tub to restrict root growth a bit?

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  • Posted: Wed. 17th October 2018 10:41

What are these Plants

Question from Brian Ouimet

I have two trailing plants in a container at the front of my home. One is yellow and bell shaped and the other is pink and sort of flat. They have different leaves. Wondering if I can bring them in for the winter in a pot and also wondering what they are called. Thanks in advance.

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  • Posted: Sun. 7th October 2018 17:45
  • Last reply: Wed. 2nd December 2020 10:03