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Pond leaks

Question from A. Williams

I have a medium sized pond which I completely renovated about 12 years ago, putting a new plastic sheet liner on top of the existing liner. The last few years it has obviously been leaking. Last autumn I completely emptied and cleaned it but could find no leaks. I resealed a join and refilled it, but the problem is if anything worse! Does anyone have any suggestions for finding or curing leaks. I am loathe to completely renew the liner as all the plants around it are well established but would need to be removed.

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  • Posted: Sat. 2nd April 2022 12:05

Call duck resistant planting

Question from Zoe Cairns

Hi. I have just installed a medium sized garden pond (about 30m2) plus a boggy area at one end, and am now gearing up to planting. We have a couple of call ducks, who aren't very destructive at all, but they do like dabbling and will eat small amounts of greenery. So I'm looking for any suggestions on pond and bog plants that might be a little more resistant or fast enough growth to survive their attention. Grateful for any ideas!!

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  • Posted: Thu. 28th June 2018 11:53
  • Last reply: Thu. 15th July 2021 14:54

what can I do about excess nutrients in a pond?

Question from Lin T

Hi, I am wanting to make a wildlife pond where there has once been a slurry pit. We intend to dig out the remains left (very overgrown reeds and rubbish) and start from again scratch. The problem is that water from a large field drains downhill into this space and the field is regularly fertilised. I expect there will be too much nutrient in the water draining into the new pond. Are there any ways to reduce the nutrients, such as putting in plants which will mop it up? Any ideas please!

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  • Posted: Mon. 22nd May 2017 19:22
  • Last reply: Wed. 4th October 2017 20:36

Plant identification

Question from Gabrielle Hunt

Can anyone identify this pond bank plant that has appeared for the first time this spring?

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  • Posted: Sat. 11th March 2017 11:16
  • Last reply: Sat. 1st April 2017 06:44

Percentage cover

Question from Paul Grinham

This water lily is probably now 5 years old. The pond is fish-less. What % cover would other members stop at ?

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  • Posted: Sat. 20th July 2013 12:20
  • Last reply: Wed. 12th April 2017 00:01

Help my Newts!

Comment from Penny Dommett

Wonder if anyone can help? We have a large wildlife pond and have lots of newts. The pond pump gets cleaned out regularly and last year we were horrified to see at least 6 dead newts in the filter having been sucked up the pipe. We tried fitting netting, old tights and hessian over the pump and also standing it on bricks only to have to pick off yet more dead newts. Has anyone got any suggestions? I don't want to turn the pump off unless there's no other choice.... HELP!

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd April 2013 14:30
  • Last reply: Sun. 5th May 2013 22:17

Help! Koi pond

Question from Manika ray

Just bought a house with a koi pond. The house has been vacant for over a year pond was almost entry till it rained. Thought was empty started pulling leaves out and there's a fish in there. Where do I even start? Here's a pic of it

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  • Posted: Thu. 28th March 2013 18:28
  • Last reply: Thu. 28th March 2013 20:47

What type of filtered is best for small koi pond ?

Question from darren thompson

Hey all :-) . Now the hosepipe ban has been lifted and ive finished building my tiki bar . I can now finaly finish my raised sleeper koi pond although I now have to digit all back out again :-( it should be around 1500 to 2000 litres but im not sure about the filter system should I used a all in one pump, filter and uv or seperates ? Im only planning on having 4 or 5 koi . I also like the look of barred horsewhip for plants but im not sure if these will be to invasive . Hope you can help

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  • Posted: Tue. 10th July 2012 17:51
  • Last reply: Sun. 21st March 2021 20:36

Growing water lollies

Question from David Black

I would like to grow water lillies in a half barrel or large tub. As I have never done this before can somebody tell me how to proceed. How do I keep water clear and how do I feed

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  • Posted: Sun. 24th June 2012 14:29
  • Last reply: Mon. 1st July 2013 12:20

Sealing butyl pond liner

Question from Christopher Bond

I'm building a waterfall coming down to our existing butyl-lined pond (I hate duckweed), and I'm using offcuts of butyl from the original pond construction to make the waterfall/pools. The question is this: has anyone successfully used aquarium-grade silicone sealant to bond/join butyl liner? The proprietary leak sealers from aquatic shops is PROHIBITIVELY expensive, and I thought this might be a cheaper (and also more manageable) alternative.
Any thoughts would be welcome!

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th May 2012 19:04
  • Last reply: Wed. 25th April 2018 09:19