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Acer palmatum 'Suminagashi'

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Replanting Acer.

Question from Patricia B

I planted my Acer last year and it over wintered OK. I have now found out that despite the fact it appears healthy it should not have been planted in Alkaline earth. Can I now replant it in a large pot with suitable compost and if so when can this be done.

  • Views: 810
  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Sun. 12th August 2012 17:20
  • Last reply: Tue. 21st August 2012 13:45

Suitable for a large pot?

Question from Alex ND

I LOVE this plant/shrub/bush - it's beautiful. We have a concrete garden and are making nicer with planters/pots. Can this plant thrive in a pot and is it possible to maintain it at quite a small size?

  • Views: 710
  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Fri. 8th July 2011 22:22
  • Last reply: Mon. 11th July 2011 22:12

acer suminagashi

Question from Ian Hutcheon

what is the cause of a shiny sticky substance on the new leaves of an acer suminagashi and, if appropriate, how is this best treated? There are no obvious signs of any pest on the leaves.

  • Views: 1144
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Thu. 15th April 2010 14:40
  • Last reply: Thu. 15th April 2010 20:11

acer palmatum suminagashi

Question from Ian Hutcheon

is this plant suitable for a sunny south facing corner of a small London garden and if so would it be appropriate to plant now (in mid November)

  • Views: 654
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Sat. 21st November 2009 23:07
  • Last reply: Sun. 22nd November 2009 14:06