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Velvet calathea or Furry feather calathea - leaves curling....

Comment from neil

just noticed the leaves on our lovely Calathea are curling in from the sides - not from the top. Any ideas? Still in same place its always been, but was repotted two weeks ago. Under watered? Over watered?.....

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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd May 2013 20:58
  • Last reply: Wed. 14th May 2014 13:30

night blooming ceyreus

Question from Tdognite

Can anyone tell me what this site identifies this plant as? I got several starts from my mother, she calls it a '"Night blooming ceyreus".

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st March 2013 22:27
  • Last reply: Thu. 28th March 2013 17:54

Schefflera Cuttings

Question from Karen

I have a very tall Schefflera (I think) in my office and I'm wondering if I can take cuttings from it. It is just one tall stem and is just about touching the ceiling. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to take cuttings from it and how I'd do it?


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  • Posted: Thu. 21st March 2013 15:42
  • Last reply: Thu. 28th March 2013 19:49

Asplenium bulbiferum (Mother hen fern)

Comment from Annette Barsby

Can anyone please identify what this problem is with this fern and a treatment. I have tried spraying with Maxicrop seaweed extract as advised by the seller, and that failed, and brushing gently with home made nicotine mix. Not sure if that has worked yet. I haven't cleared all the leaves of it. It has got baby plants growing along the fronds
I have been advised by a friend that it is Fern scale and the white stuff is the male.
I had one of these plants for many years and it developed scale insect but never seen this white stuff before.I managed to rid if of scale by wrapping the plant in plastic bag, sealed tightly, plunging into warm water till the water was clear. It survived for along time then suddenly keeled over. This is a new plant. It has started to spread to other house plants, but I caught it in time hopefully. Two of these pics are magnified on a USB microscope.
I notice on the net that this is classed as an outdoor plant, but I bought my first one originally as an indoor, Im pretty sure. Any advice much appreciated. thanks.

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th August 2012 10:31
  • Last reply: Tue. 4th September 2012 13:04

Aloe Barbadensis - how to grow new plants from leaf cuttings

Question from Tracey and Ian Blackmore

Hi. Does anyone know how to grow new plants from leaf cuttings taken from the main plant of an aloe barbadensis? The main plant had root rot but I cut off some large and small leaves from this to try and grow them. What compost mix do I use? We have houseplant compost and perlite. Would this be any good? Thank you for any advice in advance.

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  • Posted: Sun. 8th July 2012 14:54
  • Last reply: Sun. 8th July 2012 15:56

Abutilon 'Bella' Hybrid - To re-pot or not?

Question from Brendan

Greetings growers,

I have grown 2 of these stunners from seed and they are now over a year old and well over due a re-pot. The problem I have is they have been flowering non stop since last March and show no signs of stopping yet!. My question is do they ever stop flowering!?! and if not has anybody re-potted these during flowering and lost them as a result as I would rather keep them pot bound than loose them altogether.

No body I know has ever heard of (let alone grown) these plants so though it best to consult a wider audience. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks

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  • Posted: Mon. 12th March 2012 11:54
  • Last reply: Mon. 19th March 2012 20:52

Can anyone idetify this plant please?

Question from Gillian Howson

I was given this plant as a cutting and have it as a house plant,but have no idea what it might be,have searched a number of sites to no avail.

Click images to enlarge

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  • Posted: Wed. 8th February 2012 09:16
  • Last reply: Wed. 8th February 2012 12:51

Mother in laws tongue

Question from Jane

I have an old plant which is about 3' high. It has been in my bright and warm bathroom for years and really looks healthy. I water infrequently in the shower!! However some of the leaves have 'bent' double. The rest are strong and rigid. This has flowered in the past and I was told that it wouldn't do this unless it was healthy. It is in a smallish pot and the last time I re potted I lost the second plant because it was in a cold area. How to re pot and what to do about the droopy leaves please?



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  • Posted: Tue. 1st November 2011 09:24
  • Last reply: Tue. 1st November 2011 11:45

bird of paradise

Question from ian

Hi everyone
Got a bop plant during the summer and it has done quite well (not mature enough to flower yet though) As the weather is now starting to turn colder i have bought it indoors.Would like any info about position, watering etc, also do they like central heating? replies will be gratefully recieved. Thanx

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  • Posted: Tue. 13th September 2011 10:33
  • Last reply: Thu. 15th September 2011 18:53

Ailing Orchids

Comment from Erika's Garden

Forgot to add this picture!

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  • Posted: Tue. 17th May 2011 14:43
  • Last reply: Fri. 20th May 2011 10:27