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Shoot hosts a regular online 'garden landscaping and design' forum event with award-winning garden design and landscape professionals from the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and Society of Garden Designers (SGD). Three times RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold medal winner joined our last forum! See all the answers to previous forums below.

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shady planting

Question from Sue Osmaston

I have a good sized space between an variegated elaeagnus and a rather large escallonia. It is in a bed bordered by a conifer hedge and there are large trees nearby (almost overhanging in summer). I would like to plant something with some height - perhaps a poplar cherry or a laburnum, but I fear these might not like such a shady position. It tends to be a bit dark here, so I would like something colourful. Any ideas would be welcome.

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  • Posted: Thu. 22nd July 2010 10:44
  • Last reply: Mon. 27th September 2010 11:30

kiwi fruit

Comment from Gwen

my kiwi fruit is now 3yrs old it is very heathy but has not yet flowerd nor born fruit.its anActinidia deliciosa jenny.can you tell me if i need to do any thing to help it to fruit.

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  • Posted: Fri. 18th June 2010 18:13
  • Last reply: Mon. 16th May 2011 15:46

laser measurer

Question from Dilys

hoping to get this in before you close :) Is a laser measure worth investing in if going into a garden design busines?

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 19:50
  • Last reply: Fri. 27th August 2010 03:55

Closing soon!

Comment from Nicola

The panel have worked flat out answering all your questions. They are just finishing off the last few and one or two of the new ones posted tonight. I hope you have found their advice useful. We'd love it if you could take the time to respond back to them - it is always nice to get feedback and they have given their time to you for free tonight.
Many, many thanks to Mark, Ena and Stuart for their help with tonight's forum!

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 19:23

Companions for white agapanthus

Question from Diana Illingworth-Cook

I have a hot and sunny, but exposed, spot facing south west outside my back door. I want to plant up a 'white' pot there and have a magnificent while agapanthus 'Artic Star'. What other plant do you suggest to keep it company?

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  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 19:00
  • Last reply: Fri. 18th June 2010 11:59


Question from Andrew Carter

Our Giant Red Hot Pokers have finished flowering. Can we dead head them? If so how?

Thanks, Andy

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 18:39
  • Last reply: Thu. 17th June 2010 19:17

Tomatoes shrivelling

Question from Donna Marlborough

The tops of the tomatoes in my greenhouse are shrivelling. I don't think that this is because of lack of water. The plants lower down are growing normally with fruits forming. Have you any suggestions please.

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  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 18:35
  • Last reply: Thu. 17th June 2010 18:48

Opening soon

Comment from Nicola

Hi all - thanks for your questions.

We have had about 35 pre-posted questions for tonights expert forum! It is opening soon, so please don't miss out on getting your questions answered by our gardening experts Mark, Ena and Stuart:-)

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  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 17:24
  • Last reply: Thu. 17th June 2010 18:17

Azalea hasn't flowered

Comment from CD

I planted Azalea pontica (luteum) last May, just as it was coming into flower. It looks very healthy and is putting on lots of new growth but it never flowered this May, any ideas why?

Can a hard winter effect flowering? The bed had snow for about 2 months and we were periodically knocking off the worst of it (2ft thick at times) in Jan/Feb/March. Could we have knocked off tiny buds by accident, I don't know when they form.

The other ericaceous plants in the same bed all flowered well so it is definitely acidic enough.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 15:28
  • Last reply: Fri. 18th June 2010 21:28

Rose 'Schoolgirl'

Question from Catherine Tanser

This is the second summer since I planted Rose 'Schoolgirl'. It's growth rate is very poor, not yet reaching a metre and it has just had only three blooms. It is in full sun near a wall. Please advise what is might need.

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  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2010 15:03
  • Last reply: Thu. 17th June 2010 18:05