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Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire'

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Question from Michelle

I have 3 of these bushes planted in front of my home.. Over the summer I noticed some leaves yellowing and branches brittle and bare. I pruned what easily snapped off and what I thought didn't look healthy.. I did notice we have a mushroom problem within our mulch ( if it's turned, usually there will be a white marshmallow looking strand running through). I sprayed all my plants with an organic fungicide (I believe it's peroxide based)... These shrubs aren't very full and robust( resemble the Charlie brown tree)..help

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  • Posted: Tue. 8th November 2011 00:01
  • Last reply: Tue. 8th November 2011 08:06

Protect Pieris Japonica n Winter

Question from Mina Ratansi

How do I protect the above plant in Winter. I planted these in July this year and it is the first winter

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  • Posted: Wed. 20th October 2010 20:00
  • Last reply: Tue. 26th October 2010 20:02