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Fruits of Yoshino Cherry

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Question from Fraser Gunn


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What happens to the fruit of the Yoshino Cherry? do they drop ? can they be eaten by birds? do I just leave them?

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  • Posted: Fri. 21st October 2011 16:51

Re: Fruits of Yoshino Cherry

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Fraser
I have noticed no member has replied to you yet....so I thought I would offer you up this.

I do not have any kind of cherry tree but I have 5 growing outside my house....have no idea which kind they are but usually the birds take the fruit and there is usually very little lying around on the ground. I would imagine it would be a matter of preference whether or not you clear any fallen fruits.
It would also depend on where they fall eg on pathways or where children could pick them up and eat them.
I am sorry I am unable to give you expert advice.

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd October 2011 16:54