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Question from Jacky White


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I have just bought a Dicksonia Antarctica and am planning a fern garden. the bottom of my garden is damp and cool, grass won't grow. I have just been to the cloud forest in Peru and was inspired by the beautiful ferns. What would look good with my tree fern? I have a space of 8' x 12', all shaded.

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  • Posted: Sun. 30th October 2011 17:10

Re: Fern garden

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Jacky,
So many options! You could go with other Australian natives requiring the same conditions, or a fern garden, or do a search here on Shoot for plants that match the conditions your tree fern needs. Just do an Advanced Search, plugging in the attributes you require.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Sun. 30th October 2011 20:19

Re: Re: Fern garden

Reply from Nicola

Thanks Kathy!

Hi Jacky - here is the Advanced plant search. Here is the search results for all the ferns listed in Shoot too.Hope that helps!

  • Posted: Mon. 31st October 2011 07:24