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Mimosa and Bougainvillea

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Comment from Mary Youngs


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My Mimosa, planted in a large tub in Spring 2010, was slow to start, but late this year has put out new shoots. However something appears to nibble the ends of the leaf shoots, though I can't see anything. Any ideas?
I have, in the last couple of weeks, put it in to the garage for the winter, where it also spent last winter.
How much water will it need while over-wintering?
Is there anything else I need to do to it?
I bought a Bougainvillea in a plant sale for under £8, and it has been a picture all summer. When frosts were threatened, I put it in the garage with the Mimosa, where it is still full od bloom.
Is there anything I should do with it during the winter months?

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  • Posted: Tue. 1st November 2011 09:09

Re: Mimosa and Bougainvillea

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Mary,
Make sure both get as much light as possible in the winter months. Water sparingly, which usually means to do so when compost surface has dried out but before it is so dry, it begins to separate from the pot edge. This will probably mean every 2 weeks or so.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Wed. 2nd November 2011 18:22