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Question from Irinka


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I bought the hyacinth in Feb this year. I left corms in the pot for all spring- summer. outside. now they shoot new leafs BUT as it grew 2 in high , it does not grow any further. stays in the same condition for 1-1,5 month now. WHY?

i water it regularly and keep it in warm temperature inside. near light.

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st December 2011 14:41

Re: slow growing

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Irinka,
Well, your hyacinth is probably a bit confused. Hyacinthus is a spring flowering bulb and the practice of getting a spring flowering bulb to flower indoors in winter in called forcing. Many commercial growers do this to get plants ready for seasonal markets. To grow and flower well, the bulbs need a cold period of about 10-13 weeks - they would get this naturally if they were in the ground over the winter. Putting them in the fridge in Sept - Oct would have given them the cold they needed and would have kept that shoot from sprouting too soon. Also, the bulb may not have the nutrients needed to promote more growth right now. Since it has already sprouted, make sure it is getting as much natural sun as possible (unless you have growing lamps), water regularly but not overwater (wait until the soil surface feels a bit dry) and wait and see.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 1st December 2011 18:38

Re: Re: slow growing

Reply from Irinka

Thank you Kathy,

I will give it a little food and more sun. the interesting moment is , it started grow again when it got cold outside.+15.. not before when it was warm.

  • Posted: Thu. 1st December 2011 20:15