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Care for the Beni komachi

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Question from Gigi


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Can you please tell me what to do to my potted beni komachi plants. I havent put them into the ground yet and it is winter in Switzerland now and they seem to be drying up. Should I cover them and put them in a protected area for the winter.
Thank you so much for your help.

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  • Posted: Tue. 6th December 2011 08:52

Re: Care for the Beni komachi

Reply from Kathy C

HI, Gigi,
Since they are deciduous, they will lose all their leaves and remain bare for the rest of the winter. You have a few options as far as what to do. I am assuming you get quite cold winters where you are, so you should wrap it and the pot with hessian, bubble wrap, or horticultural fleece and place it in the warmest, most sheltered spot you can find - preferably against a warm house wall. If freezing temps sustained for any length of time, consider (after wrapping) moving it into a shed or garage. You can move it into the house if the pot is small enough but if you do, keep it in the coolest room/area possible.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 6th December 2011 19:58