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Climbing Roses

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Question from Julian Abbotts


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I am looking a climbing rose i have looked at Danse de Feu. I would like flowering for as long as possible during summer and white in colour if possible, any suggestions please

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  • Posted: Mon. 8th October 2007 09:59

White climbing roses

Reply from Cris

Some good white climbing roses are Rosa 'New Dawn White' which doesn't get too big. Others that I like are Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg' and Rosa 'Sombreuil' . Check them out on the shoot site. You can search for others by entering climbing rose in the search box and sifting through the photos.

  • Posted: Mon. 8th October 2007 14:18

climbing roses

Reply from john king

why dont you try rosa "alberic barbier" a RHS medal winner, vigorous semi evergreen rambler with pendant growth and and glossy dark green leaves, clusters of rosette shaped, fully double slightly fragrant, creamy white flowers 3in across,aging to pure white are produced in summer up to 15ft high and 10 ft across

  • Posted: Tue. 4th March 2008 00:02