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When to mulch?

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Question from Maureen


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I live in London so it is fairly mild - especially at the moment. I was going to apply a top layer of mulch to my beds now but would that be too early? When I read up on this it says to leave it till late winter so would I be doing more harm than good if I mulch now when it is mild?

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  • Posted: Mon. 26th December 2011 11:25

Re: When to mulch?


No matter where you live in the temperate world, it is a good idea to mulch after the first rainfalls. Mulching does quite a few things, it prevents soil erosion, prevents compaction of soil and protects the plants root systems like a warm blanket, it is also one less job to do in spring. I gather my leaves, run it through the lawn mower and put it on my beds 3-4 inches thick, by spring the worms,centipedes or any other little creature has transformed it into humus.

  • Posted: Mon. 26th December 2011 19:30

Re: Re: When to mulch?

Reply from Maureen

Hi Elaine,

Many thanks for this advice. I am laying down mulch this weekend so this is great assurance!! Thank you. Mo

  • Posted: Fri. 13th January 2012 16:17