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pruning a sorbus

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Question from jenny white


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I will start by saying I know nothing about plants so bear with me if I sound a bit dim lol !
I bought 2 different sorbus trees 2 years ago and planted in the back of my south facing flowerbed.
One is growing and looking great but the other with the "rounder" looking leaves looked awful within weeks of planting. I noticed asmall brown dot on one of the leaves when I bought it which I now know I should have removed but I didn't remove it then as the tree was very young and I didn't want to harm it. (Doh!)
Within weeks all the leaves turned brown and I took a photo and a couple ofleaves back to the garden center where I bought them from and was told "spray this on it and if it dosn't work bring it back next year and we will give you a new one".
Well it wasn't covered in brown spots this year but the leaves were very sparce and it just looks "spindley" to be, espicially compared to the other sorbus which is a different variety but has an altogether healthier look about it. I don't want to dig it up and kill it so should I cut all the branches off and hope this revives it ? I have been reading an article on here about pruning shrubs and why you should prune and it said if any branches of a shrub look unhealthy you lop them off so the plant's energy goes into producing healthier new growth...would this apply to young trees too ?
Again sorry to sound dim but I would rather ask than cause permanent damage to the little tree if there is any chance for him !
Many thanks in advance,Jen.

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd January 2012 07:01

Re: pruning a sorbus

Reply from Nicola

Hi Jen, I can circulate your question to members on Facebook and Twitter etc. It might be an idea to add some of the photos to this forum thread first however? It might help identify what is wrong. To add photos reply to me or to yourself and you'll see you can browse to add upto 3 images.

I hope you are enjoying Shoot!

Kind regards Nicola

  • Posted: Mon. 2nd January 2012 08:21

Re: Re: pruning a sorbus

Reply from jenny white

great thank you,I am just off to work but will ad pics as soon as poss x

  • Posted: Mon. 2nd January 2012 08:41