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Lenten rose

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Question from tara mclaren


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I would like to plant some Lenten roses hellebores however I have a clay soil fairly neutral in West Lothian Scotland so it gets quite cold in winter. The ground is well enough drained. On the site it says that they like chalky soil would they survive here?

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  • Posted: Sat. 28th January 2012 21:01

Re: Lenten rose

Reply from Louise Yates M.A.

Hi- they love it here in London and that is about the heaviest clay I have ever grown things in! As long as they get lots of leaf mould and a bit of shade in the summer, they'll thrive. Good Luck!

  • Posted: Sun. 29th January 2012 08:26

Re: Lenten rose

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Tara
I live not far away from you on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I have a heavy moist clay soil - and hellebores do fine in my garden too! If you are concerned try mixing in some organic material when planting.

  • Posted: Mon. 30th January 2012 17:49

Re: Re: Lenten rose

Reply from tara mclaren

Thanks Angie sounds if we have similar soils so I will go for it.

  • Posted: Mon. 30th January 2012 23:06