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Question from Ella


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I have an echinops ritro that has been affected by some kind of pest or fungus since I've had it. The leaves are stunted and shrivelled and often covered in a white downy webbing. Also, it did not die back all the way this year and is currently putting out a flower (stunted and damaged). Any advice?

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  • Posted: Sat. 18th February 2012 10:27

Re: diseased?

Reply from Nicola

Hi Ella - do you have a photo? If yes reply to me or you and add up to 3 images. It might help identify the problem. Cheers Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 18th February 2012 11:00

Re: Re: diseased?

Reply from Ella

Hi Nicola,
I spoke to an experienced gardener today who assured me that it was most likely aphids attacking the plant. I concur. He says he never grows echinops for this reason. Thanks for your help anyway! I'm thinking I might let this one go.

  • Posted: Sun. 19th February 2012 20:00