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How. To deal with tall seedlings

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Question from Angela Neal


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I have seed tray propagators and the seedlings are a week old and already tall enough that they are hitting the top of the propagator. They only have one set of leaves. Should i remove the propagator lid? Raise it? Pot on the biggest seedlings and leave the smaller ones? Help!

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  • Posted: Mon. 20th February 2012 21:50

Re: How. To deal with tall seedlings

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Angela,
If they are touching the lid, you will want to remove it or raise it if you can. It sounds like your seedlings are stretching - the stem is elongating too much because the seedlings need more light. How much light are they getting? What is the source of light?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 20th February 2012 22:47

Re: Re: How. To deal with tall seedlings

Reply from Angela Neal

Thanks Kathy, I thought that too, but they are sitting on a window sill with lots of sunlight. They may be my sweet peas... Sadly the ink washed off my labels with the condensation in the propagator. Rookie mistake! So I have three trays of mystery seedlings.

  • Posted: Tue. 21st February 2012 05:50

Re: Re: Re: How. To deal with tall seedlings

Reply from eric jolley

Hi Angela, even though the seedlings are on the window ledge they are being drawn the length of daylight is important days are still relatively short full overhead light is best,I grow seeds throught the winter but supplement the daylight with artificial full spectrum light they get at least 12hrs /day.When you come to transplant the seedlings plant them deeper than you would normally to stop them falling over.

  • Posted: Sun. 26th February 2012 08:12

Re: Re: Re: Re: How. To deal with tall seedlings

Reply from john

I grow my seedlings with no artificial light on a heated bench in the greenhouse. Started them off at the end of Feb and they're doing fine. I remove the lids on my propagatore as soon as most of the cells of the seed tray have emerging seedlings. I always use this method and it usually serves me well unless I forget to water for a few days which can be fatal early on. Cheers John.

  • Posted: Thu. 8th March 2012 11:55