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Callistemon red clusters - are mine alright?

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Question from Mrs Lorna Dyter


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I have two of these which were planted early last year. I have one in a pot and one in the garden. Both are in sun and well drained. I have left these out all winter, is this OK to do as I was advised that these are hardy? The leaves have gone a rather grey colour, not dropping off but not very healthy, do these drop off and new ones follow on these plants?

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st March 2012 16:16

Re: Callistemon red clusters - are mine alright?

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Mrs. Dyter,
Unfortunately, you were misinformed - Callistemon are not hardy - they are most definitely tender (except for an alpine species). If they are in a sheltered spot, and the winter was fairly mild where you are, they may have survived. It is evergreen and even evergreen trees lose old leaves, but not all at once. Have you had a chance to look over the plant page here on Shoot for 'Red Clusters'? If you add it to your 'Plants I Have' list, you will get full instructions on how to best tend to it, including hardiness and winter care.
All the best,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 6th March 2012 19:35