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Yellow Leaves

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Question from Catherine Spivey


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I just planted a sweetbay magnolia in my front yard last weekend and I have been watering it on a regular basis and we had a really hard rain on Wednesday of this week. So, it has received plenty of water, but I have been noticing a few of the tree's leaves are turning yellow and dropping each day. There are plenty of blooms that have opened just in this week though. I always thought that yellow leaves meant it was getting too much water. Is that true for this tree? Let me know please because I love this new addition to my yard and I don't want to kill it!!

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  • Posted: Fri. 4th May 2012 18:12

Re: Yellow Leaves

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Catherine,
It is not unusual for a newly planted tree to drop some leaves - it is a shock for any plant to be moved from a pot to the ground. However, it sounds like it is getting too much water. A newly planted tree needs more water than an established one but no more than once or twice a week in the first months after planting. If it had a heavy soaking from rain, that was all it needed this week. Water it deeply once, maybe twice a week if there is no rain for the coming months but no more than that.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 7th May 2012 18:19

Re: Re: Yellow Leaves

Reply from Catherine Spivey

Hey Kathy C.,
I live in Southern Louisiana (Prairieville, outside of Baton Rouge) and it gets pretty hot during the day. I worry once or twice a week might not be enough, but maybe I'll try that and see. There is new growth on the top of the tree, but the yellow leaves are appearing everyday (2, 3, 4 at a time). So, I'll lay off the water and see what happens. Thank you so much for the advice!

  • Posted: Mon. 7th May 2012 18:41