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Question from dilewis


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I have a three year old almond tree grown from a nut seed bought back from France the tree is approx three /four foot tall and as yet has had no flowers on it it had plenty of leaves in the spring/summer when can I expect it to start flowering and maybe fruit??

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  • Posted: Fri. 13th March 2009 16:54

Almond tree

Reply from David Sewell

Hello Di,
There are a couple of complications with things like Almonds and their relations the peaches. They are 'self sterile' which means that you need another almond tree close by to pollinate your tree. Also they flower really early - before most self-respecting bees are prepared to venture out to pollinate and while heavy frosts are still being experienced so unless you have some sort of protection for it in the early spring you're going to be very lucky to get a nut!
Probably best to enjoy it for what it is - a reminder of France. (However, you never know, one day it might surprise you with some fruit!)
All best,
David Sewell NCH, NDH

  • Posted: Sat. 21st March 2009 10:31


Reply from Nicola

Hi Di,

Thanks for your question for the panel. I am sure David would love some feedback on how useful or otherwise this advice was. Do you have time to drop him a quick reply? Also he may be able to answer any other related questions you may have. Does the forum format work for you? Could it be structured any better for you? Cheers Nicola

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd March 2009 12:41