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Peony Mystery?

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Comment from KittyCat


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Hi there,
I wonder if anyone could help me identify this Peony. It was already in the garden when I moved into the house 14 years ago, so the variety is at least that old. It fades from a bright pink to a pale pink in about a week, then ends up nearly white in colour before the bloom dies. (Is that normal?) I have attached 2 photos which show the a bloom a week apart. I am sure it must be a fairly standard variety as the previous owners of the house were not major gardeners, therefore I doubt is is a rare type and more a local garden centre sort.
Any ideas folks
Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather


Peony Mystery? (31/05/2012)Peony Mystery? (31/05/2012)

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  • Posted: Thu. 31st May 2012 12:42

Re: Peony Mystery?

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, KittyCat,
My first thought was 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' though it could be any number of cultivars on the market. Peony flowers are more apt to fade if they get direct, intense afternoon sun. Shade from afternoon sun helps to retain colour better. Have you tried doing an Advanced Search here on Shoot (next to the green tab on the Search bar). Enter Peony or Paeonia for plant name and then select pink for flower colour. I gave it a go and found about 5 or so that look similar to yours.
Happy Hunting!
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 31st May 2012 17:34

Re: Re: Peony Mystery?

Reply from KittyCat

Hi Kathy
Thanks for your advice.
I guess it does look like so many varieties! It also looks like Félix Crousse to me too. Really hard to know what it’s official variety is without finding a Peony specialist to look at the plant. So many look the same! It’s useful to know that the blooms normally fade. It is in part shade so maybe it would fade even quicker if it was in full sun. I thought the fading may be a variety related thing, but at least I know it's normal behaviour for a Peony and not some oddity or deficiency with my plant. Thanks for your reply.

  • Posted: Mon. 11th June 2012 16:55