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I have planted a small Rhodie in my garden and over last few months have noticed quite a lot of small brown spots appearing. I have watched on the new growth and these seem to have it too. Also the plant next to it (green with fluffy stalky flowers - no idea what it is) also has the same leaf spot problem. WHAT DO I DO NOW??? Can either be saved? Would prefer to keep the rhodie if I have to lose the other (which is in worse state!). Help

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  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 12:26

rhododendron problem

Reply from eric jolley

Tasha your rhododendron problem is possibly LEAF SPOT - Disfiguring, brown, round fungal blotches appear on leaves affected by leaf spot, and as they spread invade plant tissues and destroy the cells. If not controlled quickly, leaves will shrivel and plants may die. Spray with a systematic fungicide or Bordeaux mixture.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:38

leaf problem

Reply from Veneda Harris

Rhododendrons like an open soil mixture - give your plant a good mulch, leafmould is best, and feed to help it fight off the infection which is either rust or a fungus.

  • Posted: Tue. 18th September 2007 12:25