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My skimmia has yellowing leaves although putting on lots of new growth. I've had the plant for years and repotted it around easter into a much larger pot. The leaves had previously been the proper dark glossy green but had started to yellow. I checked the roots for vine weevil when repotting too.

Years ago, when first bought, I planted it in regular compost and it always grew well. I did the same this time although realised afterwards I should have used ericaceous - since then I have been treating it regularly with sulphate of iron and also treated it for vine weevil some months ago to be sure.

As you can see from the pic, even the new growth is looking yellow and this is some months on from being disturbed by repotting, several iron treatments and two vine weevil treatments - all correctly spaced out in terms of timing and dosage.

Do you think it just needs a good feed and wait and see?

Thanks, Jan

Skimmia (24/06/2012)

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  • Posted: Sun. 24th June 2012 13:20

Re: Skimmia

Reply from Patricia Jones

You may need to acidify the soil. There is a very good article on the RHS web site.You apply Sulphur to the soil when its warm.
If you have to water the plant use rain water.
I presume you are using Sequestrene, this normally sorts out the problem unless the soil it not acid enough.You can get a little kit to test the soil around the Skimmia.
Vine weevil normally only attacks plants that are in pots. The whole of the plant will wilt as the weevil chomps away cutting off the supply of sap.

  • Posted: Sun. 24th June 2012 22:08