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Acer Palmatum

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I have an Acer Palmatum tree which has been in a container for about 6 years. It looks like it is struggling a bit this year. It shed a lot of its leaves a few weeks ago. I think it is root bound in this pot and I wish to transfer it to a larger container. Can someone tell me what compost I should use? Someone told me that I should use Ericasious Soil. Is that correct?

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  • Posted: Sat. 30th June 2012 16:22

Re: Acer Palmatum

Reply from Stacey

I repotted two of my acers into larger pots last year using ordinary compost and they're both fine, healthy and growing well.

On one, some leaves had died early (not the leaf drop that it sounds like you had?) and I think for me it was two problems: I hadn't repotted it for some time so it was a bit root bound and it also needed some oomph from new compost; I'd neglected to water it as often as I should've done, although I know with acers you have to be careful not to over water.

Good luck with your acer :)

  • Posted: Sun. 1st July 2012 08:09

Re: Re: Acer Palmatum

Reply from barbardn

Hi Stacey, thanks for responding to my question. It has been very useful. I thought that ordinary compost would be OK but wasn't too sure. Your experience tells me what to do.

Thanks again, Barbara

  • Posted: Sun. 1st July 2012 17:43