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Comment from Margaret Bailey


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I have noticed that several of my plants have whitefly and are starting to look worse for wear. I heard that 6% full fat milk sprayed on will control them in a greenhouse-has anyone had success with this outside?
My Astrantia Venice has discoloured leaves- does this look like whitefly damage or something else??

Whitefly (26/07/2012)

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  • Posted: Thu. 26th July 2012 15:43

Re: Whitefly

Reply from Kathy C

HI, Margaret,
I have heard that milk controls the spread of powdery mildew and other fungi, and sour milk for whitefly. However, I have never used it before. If it is a severe infestation, it might be better to try an insecticidal soap of some sort.
Not sure about the Astrantia - whitefly doesn't always bother it. It looks like a nutrient deficiency - possibly iron. Initially, iron deficient plants have yellowing leaves but the veins are still green. In later stages, the entire leaf is a stippled yellow. Perhaps try a feed and spray with insecticidal soap.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 26th July 2012 17:37

Re: Re: Whitefly

Reply from Margaret Bailey

Thanks very much for your reply Kathy.Will try that!

  • Posted: Thu. 26th July 2012 21:11