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My azalea has red and black spots on the leaves and further today l found a pest had laid two eggs on the leaves - these eggs look like round circles of spit! I've removed the eggs and dead leaves, and cleaned the leaves with diluted washing up liquid! What is this insect l'm fighting and how do I keep my azalea pest free?

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  • Posted: Fri. 3rd August 2012 23:31

Re: Azalea

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Jenneffer,
It could be azalea leaf miner. However, they don't make spittle-like eggs and the damage is usually elongated sections of leaf that turn brown. The eggs sound like spittle bug secretions - not eggs at all but a way for the insect to protect itself from predators. Generally, spittlebugs don't cause much harm. The spots sound more like a fungal leaf spot to me. Is there any chance you could post a photo of the leaf damage to confirm this? As well as any more eggs you find?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 14th August 2012 20:33

Re: Re: Azalea

Reply from jenneffer dennis

Hello Kathy C, I've removed the infected leaves from the azalea and the spittlebug - so no images to update, sadly! It does sound as though its the fungal leaf spot that's attacking it! Again, as per Sambucus, I used a washing up liquid soloution and removed infected leaves. Hope that this will help!

  • Posted: Wed. 15th August 2012 14:36