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Planter Maintenance

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Question from dennis robinson


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I have 8 planters in my (slabbed) front garden all of which were 'overtaken' by moss,grasses and various weeds when I was unable to attend them due to health issues. I have now removed all the original plants (marigolds,violas, pericallis hybrid, geraniums & pinks) and de-weeded but I am concerned about any remaining roots & seeds from the 'infestations' especially the moss. I do not want to dispose of & replace the soil if I don't need to but I'm not sure if I should (the planters are all of a good size & getting new compost would not be easy for me as I do not have my own transport. I would be grateful for guidance. Thanks. Dennis.

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  • Posted: Mon. 6th August 2012 16:09

Re: Planter Maintenance

Reply from Nicola

Hi Dennis, Sorry In deleting some spam messages from this forum thread we deleted some genuine ones in error!

Reply from Carol

Can you tip it all out, stir it up, add some fertiliser (slow release granules or pelleted poultry manure) and put it back in again, with a bit of fresh multipurpose compost on the top? Or is that too much heaving about? I wouldn't worry about anything moss had left behind - if you have it draining well you won't get more moss. And other things will blow in anyway, so it's no worse to have a few to start with. Burying them deeper with some fresh compost on top should help a bit. Does that help at all?

Reply from dennis robinson

Hi Carol
Many thanks for your response - your recommendations are duly noted. As I am going away on holiday soon with no-one to tend my garden in my absence, I have decided to leave the planters 'fallow' until next Spring.I appreciate your input. Kind regards. Dennis

  • Posted: Wed. 20th March 2013 09:10