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Pink Strawberry Tree

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Question from Lynn Squire


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My tree has suffered from an infestation or disease; from the attached photo's can anyone suggest how I might treat the tree. Unfortunately the infestation / disease appears to be advanced.

Pink Strawberry Tree (12/08/2012)Pink Strawberry Tree (12/08/2012)Pink Strawberry Tree (12/08/2012)

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  • Posted: Sun. 12th August 2012 12:17

Re: Pink Strawberry Tree

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Lynn,
One possibility is too standing water/too much water. Check the drainage around the tree - Arbutus does not like poor drainage. This leads to root and crown rot. How long has the tree been planted? Check where the trunk meets the soil level. If planted to deep, the crown roots are susceptible to fungus attack. Fungus attack can 'sneak' up on a tree, slowly causing damage which then, over time, can cause the tree to fail quickly.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 13th August 2012 22:31

Re: Re: Pink Strawberry Tree

Reply from Lynn Squire

Hello Kathy

Thanks for your reply,

The tree was planted in Dec 2007, up until a few weeks ago it appeared to be in good health. Like everyone, we've had plenty of rain this year and apart from getting the tree established we don't water it. It's in clay soil. Do you think there is anything to be done that might revive the tree?


  • Posted: Tue. 14th August 2012 14:04