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Question from Rita Clarke


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What can I do to get rid of a ladybird type insect that lays it eggs on the Lily, when they hatch they cover the plant in black mucky stuff.
From Rita Clarke

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  • Posted: Fri. 20th March 2009 23:03

Lily beetles

Reply from Georgie

Hi Rita

The pest you are describing is Lily beetle. All you can do is make a daily inspection of your plants and gather and kill the adult beetles. I do this by knocking them into deep plant saucer and then crushing them. I hate doing it but I love my Lilies more.


  • Posted: Fri. 20th March 2009 23:52

Re: Lilies

Reply from Mick Waters

Also remove the gungy stuff that looks like bird poo. This is covering their larvae , wear gloves it's yucky stuff. I used a Bader bug killer , never returned

  • Posted: Sun. 11th August 2013 18:35