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little colour foliage this year

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Comment from Lou


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I have two Nandinas, one in front and one in back garden. Back garden, in ground for nearly 4 years, has shown very little colour this year, and the front garden, just over a year, hardly any colour and no growth. Help please? Should I have fed them?
Thanks, Lou

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  • Posted: Sun. 11th November 2012 12:25

Re: little colour foliage this year

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Lou,
Are they planted in full sun? Sun is usually the key for Nandina colour. They need in minimum of 6 hours, better to have 8 hours of full sun each day. They tend to colour and fruit less in the UK. Other thought is the climate where you live. Though you will read/hear differing opinions, Nandina will dieback/suffer if too cold (above USDA zone 7a or 6b) but do like cool temps to produce the best colour. Also, they need regular moisture. Finally, have you spotted any pests? I don't think feeding is the problem - some cultivars won't turn red if fed.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 13th November 2012 17:41

Re: Re: little colour foliage this year

Reply from Lou

Hi Kathy
Thanks for responding. The younger small one is in the front garden is SW facing, and the older one in the back garden facing NW. In the front garden I do water regularly in the dry season, also at the same time I water the back garden. In the back garden it is relatively sheltered near a wall and wouldn't say it gets a full 6 hours of sun. As said, it is over the past 18 months that the colour has disappeared. The smaller one was doing fine in colour and then I moved to another position and it began to lose its foliage, then stopped losing, then seems to remained at the same size and with very little colour.

  • Posted: Wed. 14th November 2012 10:52